My name is Jena Watson…

I am a native of Southern California. However, I have recently returned from living in the Hawaiian Islands. I moved back to California  last Christmas after my mom had a heart attack.

The short version…
After struggling as a single mom in So Cal for years, I was presented with a golden opportunity to move to the Hawaiian Islands.

I moved to the Big Island summer of 2017. I opened an Airbnb on the upper floor of the home I was renting. Life was sweet and I was turning a page in my life towards abundance and stability. Spring of 2018 Kilauea roared to life and with in two months my home/business was buried under sixty feet of lava.

It was devastating to say the least. I spent the next two years in a fog of trying to forge a new path forward.

No where felt like home.

I moved to Molokai in search of what was lost in the lava. Molokai is beautiful and yet it wasn’t home.

Earnestly seeking where? what? when?

And the answer came clear when mom had a heart attack. I flew home and settled into the groove of the family structure. Mom made it through, she is strong like bull.

So, how did this lead to making candles????

Daily, I would walk and walk. Still shaking off the fog of loss. Pondering the dark challenges of the world.
In my heart the song of my youth would echo, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine”.
As I contemplated the light within, as long as we have a spake left in us we can find our way. We can chase away the darkness. It is the light that leads us home.

If you’re still reading, thank you for listening to a wee bit of my story~My Wild Zen Life story.

God Bless
Love Always

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