Macee's Beadbox

Mary Orcutt of Macee's Beadbox showing her Hat Bands
Macee's Beadbox started as a hobby to ease my transition from City of Los Angeles Sr. Personnel Analyst to retiree.  This small business, (emphasis on small,) has given me the opportunity to design and make colorful, out of the ordinary, necklaces for both women and girls.  After a customer inquired as to why I did not sell beaded hat bands for his cowboy hat, I explored what I would need and then started making them.  Located in Madera, CA, I primarily sell at Fresno's River Park Art Gallery, local gun shows, craft fairs, and festivals...and of course Harvest Array!
Macee's Beadbox Copper Plated and Citrine Hat Band
One of her hat bands in Copper Plated and Citrine Beads.

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