Three Rivers Salsa - About the Salsa Girl

I am a missile of explosive power when aimed at my target!  I live as an idealist knowing everyone can enjoy each other and choose to celebrate what we bring to the table.  My pleasure is to bring the best salsa to that table ever time. Together with my husband, we put our salsa plan into action. There were many late nights, trial and errors.  We took the slow growth route to garner a legit local following.  We love dropping off our salsa to the local fire fighters and police.

I grew up in Pennsylvania and absolutely love my City of Pittsburgh.  From date nights on the town, farmers markets, The Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins, this is the best city with the best people.  I am a proud Mama of three and this is my honor to raise them in the truth.  Hard Work, Sacrifice, and Persistence really do pay off. 


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