Liberty Garden Standard Vegetable Seed Packets

Liberty Garden Standard Vegetable Seed Packets

Liberty Garden Standard Vegetable Seed Packets

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Liberty Garden Standard Vegetable Seeds are the packets you need for a wonderful garden of summer fresh vegetables. Page's Seeds are ideal for first time gardeners who want to try their hand at planting a small, backyard garden. Imagine eating a salad from the veggies you worked so hard to cultivate. Skip the long line at the overcrowded chain stores with the picked over seed display and order some high quality American grown vegetable seeds from

Young and old can help from the planting to the harvesting of a backyard garden each year. Allow Harvest Array to take you back to your childhood by taking a walk through your own garden on a hot summer day. Select your favorite vegetable right from the vine for a healthy snack. 

If you are new to gardening, please take a gander at the other products we have available in our Lawn and Garden Collection. We have just the items you need to plant and maintain a healthy and beautiful garden.

Liberty Garden Standard Vegetable Seed Packets

Please give us a call when you have a question or comment on any of our products on the website. You'll talk to a friendly, real person. (814) 396-2151.

Send us a photo of your beautiful garden full of Liberty Garden Standard Vegetables that you grew from our seeds. We would love to see it:

We have 28 vegetable seed varieties to choose from this year so, pick some of your favorites or try something new.  Our seeds have traditionally sold out early in the season.  Prepare for the growing season now.

Features of our heirloom and organic seed packets

  • Each organic vegetable seeds packet is sold separately at a great value.

  •  Garden Vegetable Seeds Made in America

  • Free Shipping on orders over $50.00 of most Items in our Lawn and Garden Section and most other categories on Harvest Array. Delivery must occur within the USA. (Excludes Alaska and Hawaii)

Ten steps to planting a garden as recommended by the National Gardening Association 

  1. Select the perfect spot for your vegetable garden

Select a location for your home garden that receives a lot of sun, a large enough space for expansion and you can reach your garden hose.  Check the sounding area so you can select a spot that is level. This will help prevent erosion.

  1. Select your garden vegetables.

This is easy because, at Harvest Array, we have you covered.  Do some research ahead of time and find the best products to plant based on your climate, space, tastes, and level of expertise. For beginners to gardening, you may want to consider some of the easier plants to grow. You might want to consider starting out with carrots, beans, cucumbers, peppers, and lettuce.

  1. Prepare the soil for planting

Before you start planting your garden, you will need to prepare the soil.  Start by combining natural fertilizers and compost with your existing garden soil.

  1. Review the planting dates for your area of the country

The growing conditions and cycles are different for each plant and type of season. Planting dates can be found on each of our Harvest Array seed packets.  Review this planting chart.

  1. Planting of the seeds

Plant each of the seeds into the soil and follow the depth and spacing directions from the seed packet.

  1. Watering your plants

You will want to gradually shower spray the garden with water to keep the soil evenly moist throughout the growing season. The spray nozzle should create a light rain-like mist for your veggie garden.

  1. Controlling the weeds

Providing mulch for your garden is a valuable way to control and prevent weeds from spoiling your beautiful garden. You will want to apply a 2-to-4-inch layer of mulch to your garden to control the weeds. If you notice that weeds are appearing in your garden, grab the weeds at the bottom of their stems and pull them out, making sure you pull out the entire root.

  1. Give your plants room to grow

To prevent overcrowding, please review the spacing guide on your seed package. If they are growing too close, remove crowded seedlings.

  1. Till and fertilize

Lightly till the soil by hand or use a Spintiller to aerate and control the weed population. Add fertilizer as needed according to the package directions.

  1. The best part – Enjoying your harvest

You will want to harvest the vegetables when they are young and tender, but this is according to your personal tastes and when you plan on using them.  

For root vegetables, when they reach edible sizes, go ahead and pull them out of the ground. For leafy vegetables, cut them to within 2 inches of the ground.

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