Dutch Kettle Pure Sourwood Honey

The Dutch Kettle Pure Sourwood Honey now available on Harvest Array
16 ounce jar of The Dutch Kettle Pure Sourwood Honey.

Dutch Kettle Pure Sourwood Honey

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The Dutch Kettle Pure Sourwood Honey is a variety of pure honey produced from the nectar of the Sourwood Tree blooms. This tree is in the Appalachian Mountains and is the preferred honey of people in that part of North Carolina. The higher elevations are where the Sourwood blooms produce the most nectar that bees cannot resist. Sourwood trees have a short blooming season and because the nectar production is elevation dependent, this variety of pure honey is in short supply.

Sourwood Tree Blossom Nectar bees love.

A Blooming Sourwood Tree in the Mountains of North Carolina

The Dutch Kettle Pure Sourwood Honey has a clean, light, amber color. The taste is preferred over many other varieties of honey due to the buttery caramel notes and smooth texture. Besides eating it right off the spoon because it tastes so delicious, pair it with cheeses, Greek yogurt, biscuits, as a substitute for sugar in recipes, and in tea of course. Harvest Array has a limited quantity of 16 ounce jars available for purchase so order now. 

Pure Sourwood Honey from the Dutch Kettle

The benefits of sourwood honey 

  • Honey is known for its Antibacterial properties. Many people have found it to be a beneficial antiseptic and topical treatment for bug bites, burns, and other skin conditions. 
  • Honey soothes sore throats, is used as a natural cough suppressant, and may aid in healing of respiratory tract infections. Try any of these varieties of our Pure Honey in this recipe to ease your sore throat,
  • Many find it's anti-inflammatory properties to improve indigestion and constipation.
  • Antioxidants found in honey are helpful in aiding in heart disease, strokes, and cancers.
  • *As always, consult a physician if you have any ailments.

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The Dutch Kettle Pure Sourwood Honey now available on Harvest Array
16 ounce jar of The Dutch Kettle Pure Sourwood Honey.
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