Garden Path Soap Menthol Infused Shower Steamers - 3 Pack

Menthol Infused Shower Steamers in Eucalyptus or Lavender from Garden Path Soaps for Harvest Array.
Three Pack Eucalyptus Menthol Shower Steamers. Amish Made in the USA.
Lavender Menthol Shower Steamer 3 pack.

Garden Path Soap Menthol Infused Shower Steamers - 3 Pack

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Invigorate your senses and melt away the anxieties of the day with one of our Menthol Infused Shower Steamers in your hot shower. These shower steamers contain 100% natural essential oils of Menthol and either Eucalyptus or Lavender, choose which one appeals to your senses. 

Breath deep and let your sinuses open from the effects of the menthol. The Eucalyptus oil will promote feelings of a clear mind and relaxation when inhaled with the use of the shower steamer. Use this steamer in your morning shower so you are ready to face the challenges of the day.

Try the Lavender Shower Steamer when feeling ill with sinus congestion which can cause difficulty sleeping.

Use this steamer in the shower before bedtime. The Lavender oil calms the body and mind, promoting better sleep, while the menthol will relieve the sinus pressure and allow you to breathe. 

Our Three Pack Menthol Infused Shower Steamers are made with all natural ingredients by Garden Path Soap in Lancaster County, PA. Experience the feeling of being at a luxurious spa without leaving your bathroom when use of one of these aromatherapy steamers.

Garden Path Soap Menthol Infused Shower Steamers

Product Use 

    • Adjust your shower to the desired temperature.
    • Place a tablet on the floor of the shower in front of you, away from the drain.
    • Steady stream of water will release comforting vapors from the tablet into the air. 

    Product Specifications of these shower steamers

      • 3 steamer tablets per bag
      • Made in USA
      • The shower steamers are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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