Pocket Monkey X®

Pocket Monkey X® with 21 uses
Carry the Pocket Monkey wherever you go. It may come in handy when you need it most.
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Pocket Monkey X®

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Pocket Monkey X®, the ultimate 5-in-1 tool

This handy credit card-sized multitool is here to simplify your life. Perfect for fixing things around the house or on-the-go, it is equipped with essential tools such as a phillips screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, torque screwdriver, and even a keychain bottle opener.

The Pocket Monkey X® features a range of wrench sizes, from #2 to 13mm, making it suitable for all your tightening needs. It also doubles as a pry bar, inch ruler, centimeter ruler, phone kickstand, headphone cord wrap, orange peeler, and even a hair elastic holder.

The best part? It's made in America from heat-treated stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity. This tool will not bend, break, or rust.

Looking for a unique gift? The Pocket Monkey X® is the perfect choice for birthdays or holidays. It's practical, versatile, and designed to meet all your needs.

Get yours today with free shipping on orders over $50.00 within the USA. Pick up the Pocket Monkey X® and see how this compact tool can truly transform the way you tackle everyday tasks.

 Functions of the Pocket Monkey X®

Flat head screwdriver x
Phillips head screwdriver  x
#2 wrench x
#4 wrench x
#6 wrench x
#8 wrench x
#10 wrench x
1/4 wrench x
5.5mm wrench x
7mm wrench x
8mm wrench x
10mm wrench x
11mm wrench x
13mm wrench x
Bottle opener x
Inch ruler x
Centimeter ruler x
Phone kickstand x
Headphone cord wrap x
Orange peeler x
Pry bar x
Hair elastic holder x
  • Made in America

  • Heat-treated stainless steel that will not bend, break, or rust. 

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Pocket Monkey X®

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