How One Small Business Can Grow the American Economy

Chris was employed as a CNC mill operator in a local tool and die company located in a small town in rural Northwestern Pennsylvania.  While he was a very skilled operator and could have easily stayed with this company his entire career, his dream was to always run his own company. 

While he was getting his new company ready, he received a referral for a young accountant in the area, Jennifer, who was starting her own CPA firm. Chris met Jennifer in the Fall of the year 2000 and she was able to train his wife on bookkeeping procedures and set up their computer system. He was also working with a local software company to install a job costing program for him.

Jennifer then recommended that Chris speak with an Attorney to incorporate his business, and a bank to open his checking account and review line of credit options with him. Chris met with his attorney, Ted, who filed his articles of incorporation and business bylaws, while also giving him some solid business advice.   

Chris started his business by working out of his garage and purchasing a few used machines so that he could get jobs in the door and keep the lights on. His favorite quote was, “If we are not making chips, we are not making money.”  Work started flowing in from other local companies as he was working in the Tool and Die capital of North America.   

Drill press at a Tool and Die Shop

Since the company was continuing to expand operations, Chris knew that he needed to upgrade his manufacturing equipment and make investments in new machinery.  Chris met with his accountant, Jennifer, to work on a business plan to secure business financing, while he traveled to Pittsburgh to meet with the CNC dealership to select the mill that would best fit his business needs.   After Chris and Jennifer met with the bank, the business financing was secured and within six months his brand-new CNC mill would be delivered.

However, before they could accept delivery of the machine, Chris needed to find a larger rental facility, as he was quickly outgrowing his garage.  After he found an acceptable location, he went back to his attorney to review the lease. The next step was to meet with an insurance agent for business liability insurance and obtain a policy for the new machine.

After he hired a freight company, his new machine was delivered, along with his other new shop and office equipment. The company was continuing to grow, and new expenses quickly arose. He was meeting with new vendors weekly to purchase raw materials, tooling, shop supplies, and office supplies.

At this time, he was not able to do all the work himself, so he needed to start hiring employees.  He went back to his accountant to set up the payroll taxes and to his insurance agent for workers’ compensation insurance and health insurance for these new employees.  With the addition of the new employees, his workload increased so the need to purchase additional equipment and a truck to make deliveries to the other local shops occurred. 

Chris began talking to dealerships about purchasing a new truck and then went back to the bank for a loan and to the insurance agent for his truck insurance, not to mention the mechanic who would need to keep the truck running all year round.

As Chris wanted to grow his business further, he turned to the marketing process.  Chris hired a local company to develop his website and an individual to monitor his IT and network operations.

CNC Mill at work

 After renting his manufacturing facility for over 10 years, Chris decided it was time to move into his own building.  Since Chris owned several acres of land by his home, he chose to build his new shop right by his home.  Chris interviewed and used all local contractors, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians to construct the new facility.

Some of you might be wondering, why am I reading about this start-up company.  While we have changed the names, this is a true success story of an American business and all the local companies that he used.  When you buy from a company that is located here in the USA, you are not only helping one company, but also the community in which they reside.

Estimated Total Employees

  • Tool Shop – 8
  • Accounting Firm – 13
  • Law Firm – 9
  • Bank – 25
  • Insurance Office – 9
  • Inventory Software Company – 2
  • Landlord – 1
  • Equipment Dealership - 25
  • Auto Dealership – 25
  • Mechanic - 2
  • Website developer – 1
  • IT professionals – 1
  • Building contractors - 16
  • Vendors – 50

As you can see from the above example, when you purchase from an American company not only are you supporting that one business and their families, but the lives of over 180 people plus all their families, and that money is then recirculated back into the economy. This does not include the employment of local and national utility companies that will reap the benefits of buying in the USA. When we support all our American small businesses, each will sequentially help hundreds of other businesses thrive. 

As these small businesses grow and hire employees, they will further support their local communities through payroll and payroll taxes, which in turn will support the creation of other small businesses, to improve infrastructure, local economies, and other municipal services.

American flag as the sun is setting

According to research conducted by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), a small business is defined as having 500 employees or fewer.  This research shows that small businesses make up 99.9% of all businesses in the United States.  For the new jobs that were created between the years 1995 and 2020, small businesses accounted for 62% of the job creation.  Small businesses create 12.7 million jobs compared to only 7.9 million for large businesses.

Further research conducted in 2019 by the SBA found that small businesses accounted for 44% of the US economic activity.  There are over 27 million small businesses in the United States.  These small businesses are the ones that are driving the US economy and propelling economic growth. Not only do these small businesses provide jobs, but they also provide new opportunities for today’s youth.  

Small businesses are also better adapted to focus their energy on their customers’ needs and provide US support.   During the global pandemic, many small businesses continued to grow, thanks to the drive of their small business owners.  When large corporations chose to lay off their staff, small businesses were the ones on the hiring end.

I have heard many people comment that they can not afford to buy American made as the costs are higher for products made here in America. In many cases, there are higher costs associated with US products as we are paying a fair wage and using quality materials. 

When you purchase from Harvest Array, you are supporting all small businesses as we are all here to support each other. As quoted by Roberto Clemente, "Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don't, then you are wasting your time on Earth." 

Harvest Array General Store

When you buy from Harvest Array

You are not just supporting one small business, but possibly their entire town and community. You are helping that business raise their family, put food on the table, and provide education for their children.

  • You are supporting small business families. You are purchasing from your fellow American citizens and not just buying a product.
  • At a time when both Mom and Dad must work to support their families, purchasing from Harvest Array allows small business families to work together.
  • Supporting the US economy and creating more US jobs.
  • Helping those that give back to the local community through local charitable work and volunteering. Many of our small business owners volunteer at their churches, fire departments, little league, and various other nonprofit organizations.
  • Supporting a small-town community.
  • You are not supporting major corporations, billionaires, foreign competition, and mass-produced and poor-quality items. You are taking care of your fellow citizens by purchasing a handcrafted item.

Made in the USA