Amish Barnwood Birdhouse

This rustic, Amish Barnwood birdhouse is made from upcycled wood from an old Amish barn.
Side view of the Recycled Amish Barnwood Birdhouse

Amish Barnwood Birdhouse

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With its rounded tin roof that keeps the nest dry, this rustic birdhouse is not only functional but also adds a charming touch to your outdoor décor. Shaped like an old Amish barn, it will bring back memories of simpler times and ignite conversations about the past with your loved ones.

Featuring a little perch for the birds to rest on before entering, this barn wood birdhouse is designed to attract a variety of nesting bird species. It provides a safe shelter from the weather elements and predators, ensuring the birds' well-being. The large size of 8 inches wide, 7.5 inches long, and 8 inches high makes it spacious enough for birds to build their nests.

Having a birdhouse in your yard brings many benefits. Birds will have an instant home, providing them with the necessary shelter in all seasons. It's a joy to observe different bird species visit your yard and enjoy their activities around the birdhouse.

Enjoy free shipping within the USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) when you order this beautiful Amish Barnwood Birdhouse. Handcrafted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, it combines craftsmanship and nature to create a unique birdhouse decoration for your outdoor space. Add a touch of rustic charm and provide a safe haven for barn-loving birds with this birdhouse décor.

Benefits of Birdhouses

 There are many important reasons why you should have a birdhouse in your yard. 

  • Nesting birds will have an instant home
  • Birdhouses provide safe shelter from, not only weather elements, but also predators
  • Nesting birds will keep cool in the summer and then, when they arrive back for roosting in the winter, they will keep warm
  • You will have the enjoyment of watching many kinds of birds frequent your yard and birdhouse.

Features of this Barnwood Birdhouse Décor

  • Size
    • 8 inches wide
    • 7.5 inches long
    • 8 inches high 
  • Made in the USA in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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