Deluxe Songbird Bird House with Verdigris Roof

White Deluxe Songbird Bird House, Verdigris Copper Roof
10inch by 16.25inch White Deluxe Songbird Bird House, Verdigris Copper Roof

Deluxe Songbird Bird House with Verdigris Roof

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Create a beautiful and melodious backyard to enjoy and a special roost for singing feathered friends by offering them this octagonal cellular PVC house with natural cavities. This house is designed with a unique shape to provide birds with a safe and secure environment. The cavities provide the birds with plenty of space to nest and also give them a place to hide away when necessary. Additionally, the cellular PVC material is extremely durable and long-lasting, making it an ideal choice for a birdhouse.

With this octagonal house, you'll be able to provide a safe and comfortable home for your feathered friends that will last for years to come. Cellular PVC is a fabricated wood type product made of PVC when it is in a different state so that it can be molded into a honeycomb structure. This means that this Songbird House is moisture proof, keeping the nest for the birds and their brood dry and safe. 

The copper verdigris roof is very steep and also allows for water to quickly run off, so the nest does not get wet. The white of the cellular PVC body contrasts beautifully with the distressed verdigris roof which has a delicate, braid adornment around the bottom rim to make this bird house a functional and lovely accent in your yard. 

The 1.5 inch diameter entry hole is the perfect size for songbirds, such as chickadees, wrens, and bluebirds, to make this house a home. A decorative 2 inch copper perch rests under the entrance hole, inviting bluebirds to rest.  There is a ventilation notch at the back of the house to keep the birds cool in the summer and warm during the winter. 

Enjoy listening to and watching birds like chickadees and bluebirds even more season after season with this durable and beautiful bird house in your backyard.

Product Specifications of this songbird house

Deluxe Songbird Bird House with Verdigris Roof
  • Dimensions
    • 10 inches in diameter
    • 16.25 inches high
    • 1.5inch diameter hole opening
  • Weight is 10 pounds, shipped.
  • Materials used to construct
    • cellular PVC
    • copper

  • Easy to mount on a pole using a 3inch by 4inch mounting bracket.

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  • Each item is hand crafted with a verdigris finish on the roof, therefore, each item may vary slightly in terms of color of the roof from that pictured.

  • Made in the USA

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