Griff's Toffee - 2 Ounce

The coffee flavor in Coffee Toffee is from adding espresso to the original recipe for all that can&
The Original family recipe is for a Dark Chocolate covered, Pecan topped toffee with a distinct southern flavor necessary to carry the name, Griff&
A three pack of the Griff&
A three pack of the Griff&

Griff's Toffee - 2 Ounce

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Savor the southern charm with Griff's Toffee, a delightful gourmet treat that pays tribute to a true southern gentleman, Griff Graves. Enjoy bite-sized morsels of traditional English toffee, painstakingly crafted by hand. Experience a rich velvet coat of our exclusive dark chocolate blend on each bite—a closely guarded secret stemming from our family recipe.

Crowned with crunchy pecans, our toffee offers a dash of that distinctive southern twist. Whether it's the classic pecan toffee or the bold Coffee Toffee with its espresso kick, expect a symphony of sweet and nutty goodness. Gluten-free and wholly American, gracing your palate straight from North Carolina.

Order a 2-ounce treasure trove or opt for the more generous Griff's Toffee - 7 Ounce presentation to immerse yourself in our artisanal creation. Free shipping is available for larger carts, sweetening the deal. Know that with your indulgence, you're also supporting Dina's Dynasty Ovarian Cancer Fund—an homage beyond taste we're deeply proud of.

From our hearth to yours, the Graves Family invites you to partake in the legacy of Griff's gourmet toffee.

Coffee Toffee

Our Griff’s Coffee Toffee builds on our original recipe by adding espresso into the mix for a unique taste.  

Pecan Toffee

We incorporate pecans throughout the toffee to give it a crispy texture and memorable nutty flavor. We also give our candy a light sprinkling of chopped pecans as the finishing touch.

Features of Griff's Toffee 

  • Size of Box: 2.0 oz.
  • Gluten Free

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  • Made in America. A product of North Carolina

  • A portion of the proceeds from each box sold goes to Dina's Dynasty Ovarian Cancer Fund. For more information, please visit:

Whether you've sampled our handmade dark chocolate and pecan toffee or are brand new to us, we hope you'll enjoy learning more about our family business. It is an honor every time customers share our toffee with friends and family of their own! We can’t thank you enough for all of your support!

-The Graves Family

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