Medium 21.5 Inch Square Polywood Planters

Medium 21.5 Inch Square Polywood Planters
Medium 21.5 Inch Square Polywood Planter in mahogany color
Medium 21.5 Inch Square Polywood Planter in mahogany color with black stripe
Small 12 Inch Square Poly Planter in aruba blue and white trim
Medium 21.5 Inch Square Polywood Planter in weatherwood color
Small 12 Inch Square Poly Planter in patriot blue with white trim

Medium 21.5 Inch Square Polywood Planters

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Our Medium 21.5 Inch Square Polywood Planters are maintenance free and will not splinter, crack or fade and requires no painting or staining. Each planter is constructed of solid polywood lumber and is environmentally friendly.

What is polywood or poly lumber? Poly is a synthetic material that resembles real wood.  Polywood is engineered to not rot and it is resistant to water for a longer life.

Poly lumber requires no painting and will not chip, peel, or rot. Made from recycled materials.

Place them from your garden over to you deck and fill with seasonal flowers to brighten up your deck or patio. Sit it under your window to view while inside.  Decorate your patio with this lovely planters and create your own little garden of for your favorite flowers and vegetables. 

Each lovely planter will add a beautiful touch to any landscape and come in various colors shown below. Easy cleanup with soap and water after each planting season.

Set of three poly planters

Features of the poly planters

  • Dimensions
    • Width is 21.5 inches
    • Height is 17.5 inches
    • Weight is 23 pounds
  • Made with poly lumber and assembled with stainless steel fasteners
  • All planters have a 1 inch drain hole in the bottom. 
  • Free Shipping. Delivery must occur within the USA. (Excludes Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Planters Made in USA 

Attractive fade resistant colors

  • Solid Mahogany
  • Mahogany with Black Stripe
  • Solid Weatherwood
  • Aruba Blue and White Trim - Photo shown in the smaller size
  • Patriot Blue and White Trim - Photo shown in the smaller size

Annual vs. Perennial flowers to enhance the beauty of your garden

  • Annuals typically live for only one growing season. and bloom spring through fall
    • You can give your garden a new look each season by experimenting with new plants and color schemes each year
    • Annuals bloom spring through fall therefore, your garden has beautiful, bold colored flowers for a large part of the year.
    • Popular varieties include petunias, marigolds, zinnias, and 


  • Perennials usually last three years or more, and will regrow each spring but blooming once or sometimes more per season.
    • The top portion of the flower or plant will die off each winter but will grow back in the spring
    • Perennials have evolved to come back year after year, at the right time for the environment they are planted in. You needn't worry about them blooming too early and getting hit by a cold snap.
    • Their roots spread outwards and deep so you can divide them which increases your flowers at no extra cost.
    • Popular varieties include Alyssum-Carpet of Snow, Candytuft-Umbrella Mix, Blue Forget Me Nots, and Gypsophila-Baby's Breath

  • Advantages to planting both together in one area
    • Bees and other pollinators! Stagger your flowers' bloom times over the growing season so that you create a consistent source of food and refuge for these important insects.
    • If you love flowers but are in a small apartment, you can still plant a home garden of both Annuals and Perennials in container gardens such as window beds or flower pots.

We take pride in offering an amazing choice of high-quality poly products to meet your needs. You can trust our skill and expertise when you are looking for a quality product.. Browse our collection of outdoor items and outdoor decor to see our varied selection and choose the one that matches your preference.

We offer an easy purchasing process for all of our customers. You can place your order online and add to cart, or feel free to call us and we will create your order just for you.  We are always here for you at 814-396-2151.

Each Amish-made planter is constructed in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The manufacturer, Beaver Dam Woodworks, is a family-owned business manufacturing high quality and reliable outdoor goods since the 1998. Their goal is to provide dependable products, while offering superior customer service that is sure to exceed your expectations. If you are looking for custom items for decorating your home, yard, or business, we can help you with that. We can develop a list of outdoor fixtures that will match you natural setting and create your dream outdoor environment and allow you have a relaxing time with family and friends. 

Experience the natural charm of our Amish made lighthouses, mailboxes, windmills, wishing wells, yard buoys, and outdoor décor created by Beaver Dam Woodworks.  Our products are designed to add charm and sophistication to your home and will make your outdoor spaces come to life.  Our collections will inspire delight and creates a natural whimsy for something that is different and will add to your décor options.

Our products are manufactured from the finest range of materials. Each piece of furniture represents the love and care that we put into our creations. As always, all of our products are Made in the United States. 

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