Page's Seeds Culinary Herb Seed Packets

Grow your own fresh Culinary Herbs from Page&
Culinary Herb Seed packets available on Harvest Array
Fresh, homegrown Culinary Herbs are so much better to use in home cooking than store bought dried herb

Page's Seeds Culinary Herb Seed Packets

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Grow your own fragrant and delicious Culinary Herbs at home from Page's Seeds.  Yes, it's easy to keep your pantry stocked with dry herbs such as basil, rosemary, and thyme that you just open the jar and toss in a teaspoon full.

It is easy to plant herb seeds and grow them on your windowsill so you have fresh and more flavorful herbs to make your home cooking that much better. Skip the long line at the store with the picked over Culinary Herb seed display and order our American grown seeds at

Have you ever purchased "fresh" herbs like Parsley or Coriander at a specialty food store, with the intent of using them in a new recipe? When you finally get around to making the recipe that requires fresh herbs a few days after you purchased them, you discover they are no longer fresh, but brown and wilted.

You also are out a lot of money because those "Fresh" herbs were quite expensive! Your recipe is ruined because you use the bland, outdated jar of herbs that's been in the spice rack for 4 years. You could have saved yourself a lot of trouble by purchasing Page's Culinary Seed Packets online from Harvest Array.

We have 14 varieties of herb seed varieties to start your own garden. Soon you will be snipping off fresh herbs right from your own plants. Imagine what delicious culinary creations you can make right in your own kitchen.

Culinary Herb Seed Packets from Page's Seeds on Harvest Array

Features of our Garden Herbs

  • Each organic herb seed packet is sold separately.

  • Many of the types of Culinary Herbs we carry are Heirloom Herbs.
    • According to Better Homes & Gardens, an herb seed is considered an Heirloom if the seed type existed for at least 50 years. Farmers and gardeners would save seeds from plants that had desirable traits and continue to grow them year after year. These seeds often got handed down through generations. Heirloom seeds, therefore, produce tried and true plants and are also guaranteed Non-GMO.

  •  Herb seeds made in USA

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How to Grow a Culinary Herb Garden

Herbs are Sun-Lovers which proves to be the biggest challenge in growing your own herbs either inside or outside. But that can be easily overcome with the following tips:

How to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden That Actually Stays Alive by Country Living

  1. Pick a windowsill in your home that faces South. Your herbs will get the most sun throughout the day this way. If your home gets too much shade, think about getting an inexpensive grow light.

  2. Your herbs will grow well when exposed to at least 10 hours of light. This light will come in handy if you want fresh herbs for cooking through the winter months.

  3. Grow your herbs where the room temperature is between 65-70 degrees F. during the day and a few degrees cooler at night.

  4. Water and fertilize your herbs every 2 weeks with water-soluble fertilizer.

  5. start with a few Culinary Herbs that are known to grow well indoors such as Basil, Oregano and Parsley. Harvest Array has the perfect Planter for your windowsill.

Starting an Herb Garden in a Small Outdoor Space by Brooklyn Botanical Garden

  1. If you want to plant your culinary herbs in pots, pick a spot or spots on your deck or patio that gets the most hours of full sunlight throughout the day. Harvest Array has these Large Garden Planters perfect for your outdoor herb garden because it can be moved easily if your herbs are not growing well in their current location.

  2. Culinary Herbs such as Rosemary and Sage do well in large pots or planters that can be moved around as need with the changing sun angle throughout the summer. Other herbs like thyme are fine grows very well in the ground.

  3. Your herb garden will need at least 6 hours of full sun so, take some time before planting your garden, to take note of where in your outdoor space gets the best sun.

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