Wooden Whirlybirds and Whirligig Barnyard Animals

Bald Eagle Wooden Whirlybird
Blue Herron Wooden Whirlybird
Blue Jay Wooden Whirlybird
Bumblebee Wooden Whirlybird
Canadian Goose Wooden Whirlybird
Cardinal Wooden Whirlybird
Chickadee Wooden Whirlybird
Crab Wooden Whirlybird
Morning Dove Wooden Whirlybird
Egret Wooden Whirlybird
Pink Flamingo Wooden Whirlybird
Flying Pig Wooden Whirlybird Barnyard Animal
Golden Finch Wooden Whirlybird
Macaw Wooden Whirlybird
Mallard Duck Wooden Whirlybird
Oriole Wooden Whirlybird
Pelican Wooden Whirlybird
Penguin Wooden Whirlybird
Puffin Wooden Whirlybird
Raven Wooden Whirlybird
Red Parrot Wooden Whirlybird
Robin Wooden Whirlybird
Rooster Wooden Whirlybird
Seagull Wooden Whirlybird
Snow Goose Wooden Whirlybird
Sunshine Parrot Wooden Whirlybird
White Chicken Wooden Whirlybird
Yellow Chicken Wooden Whirlybird
Yellow Duck Wooden Whirlybird

Wooden Whirlybirds and Whirligig Barnyard Animals

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What is a whirlybird?

Our wooden whirlybirds and barnyard animals will bring a smile to all that see them. These bright wooden and vinyl animals will stand tall, proud, and stationary in your yard. However the wings will spin with the wind.  Some of our customers call them whirligigs

At our factory, we have worked diligently to make our whirligigs distantly different. Like with all of our other outdoor products, the whirlybirds come in every color of the imaginable.  You can also choose a neutral colors for those looking for a more subdued look. You will be able to find your favorite bird, insect, or beach dweller from Harvest Array.

How big are whirlybirds?

The Whirlybirds have been one of our top-rated product for many years. The average Whirlybird measures 18 inches long and 6 inches wide. Each yard bird is hand crafted of 1 inch thick high quality signboard complete with vinyl wings.

What are the benefits of whirlybirds?

Do you have hawks coming into your yard for your birdseed or woodpeckers making holes in your other outdoor décor? Place your whirligigs or yard animals by what you want to protect and watch them work their magic. The movement from the wings of the whirlybird will scare these other birds away. These charming whirlybirds will develop the ecosystem of your yard.

Seagull Wooden Whirly Bird

Features of these wind spinners

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Turn to Harvest Array to provide you with exceptional quality whirly birds that will make a great addition to your yard.  This will make your home the centerpiece of the neighborhood.  

Whether you are searching for nautical or wooden items, we have you covered. We have an amazing selection of gorgeous wooden and poly items for you to choose from.

We take pride in offering an amazing choice of high quality wooden products to meet your needs. You can trust our skill and expertise when you are looking for durable and long lasting products. 

We offer an easy purchasing process for all of our customers. You can place your order online or feel free to call us at 814-396-2151. We are always there to create the order just for you.

Beaver Dam Woodworks, is a family owned business manufacturing high quality and reliable outdoor goods since the 1998. Their family's goal is to provide dependable products. Their superior customer service that will exceed your expectations. 

If you are looking for custom items for decorating your home, yard, or business, we can help you with that. We can develop a list of outdoor fixtures that will match you natural setting and create your dream outdoor environment. Time to sit back and relax with your family and friends.

Experience the natural charm of our Amish made lighthouses, mailboxes, windmills, wishing wells, yard buoys, and outdoor décor. Our products are designed to add charm and sophistication to your home and will make your outdoor spaces come to life.  Our collections will inspire, delight, and create a natural whimsy for something that will add to your décor options.

Each outdoor item represents the love and care that we put into our creations. As always, all of our products are Made in the United States.

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