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Authentic American Toys, Games, and Puzzles Made in the USA

Channel Craft available at Harvest Array

Remember the old wooden toys of yesteryear that didn't require batteries or electricity? Wooden toys, games, puzzles, and other retro playthings are becoming popular again in the US.

The emphasis is on craftsmanship and attention to detail. Skilled artisans and manufacturers, like Channel Craft, make these traditional toys. They are proud of creating fun, educational, durable, and safe products for kids.

These toys are well-made and long-lasting. They are also good for development and help local businesses. This makes them a better choice than plastic toys. They give kids a chance to play, and learn skills, and are made nearby in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Dean Helfer, Jr. began Channel Craft in 1983. He started the business from his van. He made and sold his handmade wooden toys at craft fairs and folk festivals.

Sales at these fairs and festivals soon provided enough money to open up a permanent manufacturing operation. Dean built strong connections with American toy and game makers as his business grew. This helped him become successful in making "Authentic American Toys, Games, and Puzzles Made in the USA."

Dean and his skilled team enjoyed creating "American Pastimes." However, they realized that they needed a larger space than their current location in Ellsworth, PA.

Ellsworth is a small mining town. Channel Craft relocated to its current location in 1991. The current location is an old Army Corps of Engineers building. The building is situated by the Monongahela River in Charleroi, PA.

"With an addition of a new warehouse and shipping facility in 1998, Channel Craft currently occupies three buildings (Manufacturing, Assembly, and Distribution) and continues to handcraft Toys, Games, and Puzzles right here in the U.S.A."  (Click here for reference)

 Timber Tumbler Toy Best Seller at Harvest Array Channel Craft Spirit of Earth Boomerang

Some of the fun toys are available on Harvest Array from Channel Craft.

Channel Craft's toys bring back memories and remind us of a time when things were simpler. During that time, all we needed was our imagination and effort to make these toys work. These American-made toys, games, and puzzles are perfect gifts for your children and grandchildren, showcasing the enjoyment of classic toys. 

For a fun and informative tour of how Channel Craft Toys are made, watch here.

Look for Harvest Array's New Products Collection soon. It will have lots of new and enjoyable items from Channel Craft that we tried ourselves.

Wooden toys, games, puzzles, and more are gaining popularity once again in the USA. This resurgence indicates that people still have a fondness for and value these traditional playthings.

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