The Online General Store

Harvest Array is the online General Store from yesteryear, where we offer unique American Made products from small, family-owned businesses. We pride ourselves on providing you with everyday goods for your home and family with ease so that everyone can have time to create lifelong memories.  

As always, all our products carry the “Made in the USA” label.

Harvest Array is based on Five Key Beliefs:

  1. Hope for our Country
  2. Help entrepreneurial dreams become reality
  3. Independence from other countries
  4. Discover all that America has to offer
  5. Recognizing the families behind each small business

    Our story began in picturesque Meadville; a small Northwestern Pennsylvania town recognized nationally as the Tool and Die Capital of North America. Meadville is home to hundreds of vital local manufacturers.  Thousands of industrious Americans thrive in these small businesses and their friendships and stories are the inspiration for offering smaller American businesses an equal footing in the current “bigger is better” marketing and delivery system that often does not work to the benefit of the local manufacturer or entrepreneur who is paying retail in a wholesale marketplace.

    Our inspiration for creating Harvest Array developed during the Christmas season. We noticed how our outdoor Christmas decorations would become rusted and inoperable every year by the end of the holiday season and would need to be replaced. The only options were the big box store retailers and mega-online providers which increasingly sourced their products from overseas markets. We knew there had to be other alternatives for a long-lasting and reliable product that did not include outsourcing. In the summer of 2020, we found such a company in nearby Guys Mills, Pennsylvania, and partnered with the Lighted Pine Company to manufacture outdoor, lighted, Christmas displays with local labor and American steel.

    LED Lighted Snowflake From Harvest Array

    After several months of working with the Lighted Pine Company, our customers were asking us to expand our selection of products that were Made in the USA. Not only did we decide to move forward and seek out additional small businesses that shared our beliefs, but we also expanded operations and opened a second warehouse in North Carolina. This growth is continuing today as we are adding two to three new vendors a week to further our array of products for our valued customers.

    When we add a new vendor to Harvest Array, we meet with these companies at their production facilities.  We are always impressed with the family-centered nature of these businesses. Many members of the family have a role in the business while continuing to tinker and create new products with a wide appeal to discerning interests across our great land. As with most of our offerings at Harvest Array, these products are not mass-produced. They have a strong following based on quality, consistency, and dependability, and are crafted with care and pride.  At Harvest Array, we are pleased to work with these companies on our online platform to get the word out and applaud their growth for their families, their communities, and of course, our country.

    Revolutionary change must be done to help American businesses survive in this new digital age of retail giants. Harvest Array was established not only to assist these family businesses to grow and prosper but to allow the public to purchase American Made products for all aspects of their lives.  If “Made in America matters as much to you as it does to us, Harvest Array will fast become your “Go-To” platform for supporting America’s small businesses while investing in local communities.  

    It is our guarantee to you, our valued customers, Harvest Array warrants, that every product we represent is crafted and produced in America - by Americans. Our explicit contract with our customers is straightforward. Harvest Array will provide our customers, with our promise that we perform the research on the products we represent with the security of knowing you are getting quality American Made products.

    Harvest Array is the online General Store from yesteryear, where we offer unique American Made products from small, family-owned businesses.

    Harvest Array is your online General Store dedicated to all products, confections and unique creations crafted, produced, and assembled in the United States.

    • Does Harvest Array offer the least expensive products on the internet?  The prices on our website may be higher than national chains, as we do not compete in an international marketplace or support outsourcing of labor. Our customers recognize they are supporting American workers and their family's quality of life. **However, many of our Jellies, Jams, and other products can be found at a lower price on Harvest Array than on the mega-online retailer’s websites.
    • The quality of Harvest Array products. Harvest Array identifies the highest quality American Made products we can source. For example, foreign-made products, typically found in big-box retailers include press particle boards. Harvest Array will only represent quality products and those that do not meet our standards will be removed from our store.
    • Does Harvest Array control prices?  The selling price is decided by our vendors and we work with them to control their costs.  None of our vendors pay any membership fees to list their products.
    • Who are Harvest Array’s vendors?  Our vendors represent a diverse group of small businesses across America. We pay tribute to the families behind each of our vendors. They are American small business owners providing for their families and committed to bringing you the finest products in our land.
    • My children or grandchildren want to browse the website.  Our website is completely family-friendly.  Never worry if they are looking over your shoulder unless you are trying to purchase their presents.
    • Do you offer Free Shipping? While we do offer free shipping on some of our products, we currently cannot control shipping costs so not all items can have free shipping at this time. But this is something we are actively working towards.
    • How do product returns work? Harvest Array offers a 30-day, “No Questions Asked” return policy. Please see the return policy for details.
    • How do you know Harvest Array’s products are made in America?  Harvest Array’s guarantee to our customers is what makes us unique in the marketplace. Our vendors are personally interviewed, and their facilities are toured to ensure that they meet our standards and that our customers are only purchasing quality products.
    • Does Harvests Array offer a product warranty?  All products contain a warranty. Please see the product detail for details and terms.
    • Does it matter if we buy products Made in America?  According to research conducted in Salt Lake City, UT, for every dollar spent in the U.S. through a small business, fifty-two cents recirculates into their local economy, compared to a meager fourteen cents from online sales and big-box retail. What is abundantly clear is, little goes back to supporting our small businesses in our local communities.  Whom does this impact the most?
      • The hometown banker who coaches little league after work
      • The farmer who is a “First Responder” and member of the local Volunteer Fire Department.
      • The professional who donates to every cause with a “Buy Local” emphasis.
      • The bakery that donates daily leftovers to the downtown food bank.
    • Why Harvest Array promotes American products exclusively?
      • We support our Collective Future of Our Children and uniquely American way of life.
      • Keeping our tax dollars and jobs in America.
      • We support a Working Wage for our craftsmen across America who themselves offer their services back to their communities.
      • We are committed to our Thirty-Million small businesses representing millions of families in every community across America.
      • Every Harvest Array product represents your friends and neighbors, our collective security, and our shared success while sustaining the communities in OUR country.
    • Customer support: Customer support and service seem to have disappeared over the last several years. How many times have you gone to one of the big box store retailers and not been able to find anyone to help you find a product or answer a question?  Then you have to use the self-checkout to complete your order. I remember going into a small office supply store in the 90’s where just in passing, would ask about a product, and then receive a call a day later letting me know they found the product for me.  This was all done without even asking.  The lack of customer support is the same with the mega-online providers.  If you have questions, you either have to email them or use auto-bots in a chat room to get your answers. Picking up the phone is no longer an option and I have been told many times that companies do not offer phone support and they cannot call me. What has happened to actually talking to your customers and getting back to them promptly?   At Harvest Array, we are bringing back the type of store where we talk to our customers and help them solve any problems they are having. We give our customers many ways to communicate with us.
      • Phone: (814) 396-2151 or (814) 853-3535
      • Email:
      • Fax: (814) 357-9290
      • Online chat
      • All of our customer support personnel are proudly based in the United States.