Filson Woodcraft Designs

Filson Woodcraft Designs is owned and operated by a Navy Veteran and his wife of 51 years. Walt does the woodworking, and Anna does the finishing. 

Walt has had a passion for whales and the ocean since childhood and is a certified SCUBA diver.  He has been doing woodworking as a hobby for almost 50 years. Since their move to the Pacific Northwest 8 years ago, Walt has combined his talent and love of the ocean to create beautifully detailed wooden works of sealife art alongside his wife, for you to enjoy in your home.

Cedar Copper Clad Humpback and calf Wooden Humpback Whale in Walnut

Filson Woodcraft Designs uses reclaimed wood and only non-toxic oils and paints or stains.

Walt and Anna Whale Watching in Hawaii

Harvest Array is proud to support the Filsons and their small American company. To see their handmade products we offer, click here.

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