Dragonfly Lady Jewelry

Lora has been designing jewelry since she was about 10 years old when her family lived in Silver City, New Mexico. She was inspired by the Culture, the beauty and the Art of New Mexico. When she was 12 her family moved to Sheridan, Wyoming. Lora and her husband now live in the valley below the Big Horn Mountains which has its own beauty and story to tell. She is very curious and has taught herself various techniques in Jewelry design and metalsmithing. She graduated Sheridan College with an Associate’s Degree in Fine Art in 1992.

In 2014, Lora decided to leave Government service (Department of Veterans Affairs) after being diagnosed with Non-Hopkins Lymphoma. She started her own jewelry business while going through Radiation and Chemotherapy. Her studio is located in her home in Sheridan (one of the bedrooms). Viewings by appointment only.

" I've learned the most from blood, sweat and tears. I believe in working hard and self-sufficiency. It's in the struggle that we find our strength".

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