Red Barn Wooden Birdhouses

Amish Made Red Barn Wooden Birdhouse
Red Barn Wooden Birdhouse hanging from a tree branch

Red Barn Wooden Birdhouses

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Enhance your outdoor décor with our exquisite Amish Made Red Barn Birdhouse. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Lancaster, PA, these birdhouses feature a charming red barn design, complete with a mounted cupola atop the roof. Perfect for elevating your birdhouse decorations.

Our outdoor birdhouses offer ample space for bird families to nest and roost comfortably throughout the summer and winter. Designed to attract a variety of bird species, this decorative birdhouse provides a haven for tired mamas to build nests, ensuring the safety and dryness of their eggs and babies. Hang our red barn wooden birdhouse outside your window for an enchanting view.

Our birdhouses not only shield from harsh weather but also deter predators, creating a haven for nesting birds. Provide a welcoming retreat where birds can stay cool in summer and cozy in winter.

Delight in endless birdwatching as birds gather at our birdhouses. Measuring 11.75 inches wide, 21 inches long, and 15.5 inches high, our red barn birdhouse fits any yard perfectly. Proudly crafted in America with free shipping, these birdhouses are a charming addition to your outdoor space. (Delivery within the USA, excluding Alaska and Hawaii)

Please click on the link to see our matching red barn bird feeder.

Red Barn Wooden Birdhouse

Benefits of Outdoor Birdhouses

Many important reasons exist why you should have these Amish made birdhouses in your yard. 

  • Nesting birds will have an instant home
  • The wood cabin birdhouse will provide safe shelter from, not only weather elements but also predators
  • Nesting birds will keep cool in the summer and then, when they arrive back for roosting in the winter, they will keep warm
  • You will have the enjoyment of watching many kinds of birds frequent your yard and birdhouse.

Product Specifications of the Red Barn Bird House

  • Size
    • 11.75 inches wide
    • 21 inches long
    • 15.5 inches high
  • The weight is approximately 11 pounds
  • Made in America
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