Watertight Outdoor Cord Connectors

Orange Watertight Outdoor Cord Connectors
Green Watertight Outdoor Cord Connectors

Watertight Outdoor Cord Connectors

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Keep your outdoor electrical plugs safe from water with these Watertight Cord Connectors. Choose from the Outdoor Green that will blend in with your landscape or the Industrial Orange that matches most bright orange industrial extension cords.

Either type will encase the male and female plugs on things like lights, pond pumps, or deicers and the an extension cord in plastic for a safe and secure connection from the outdoor elements. Add the watertight gasket to the male plug inside the connector, and screw both sides of the connector together for a secure junction. A small opening on each end accommodates the power cords.

Watertight outdoor connections

Great for use with outdoor Christmas lights, holiday displays, heated bird baths, or decorative waterfalls


  • Size: 2 inch diameter and 4.5 inch length
  • Made of Plastic
  • Made in USA

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