Amish Country Hulless Popcorn Combo

Six varieties of hulless popcorn come in this combo.

Amish Country Hulless Popcorn Combo

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Amish Country Hulless Popcorn Combo lets you sample each of the 6 varieties they make so you can decide which you like best. 

 What is Hulless Popcorn

Popcorn cannot be 100 percent hulless because every popcorn kernel has a hull. The hull, also known as the seed coat, traps in moisture and pressure inside the kernel during the heating process which results in the Pop. Thus, the term "hulless" popcorn actually refers to certain varieties of popcorn kernels that are small in size. When popped, the small, fragile hulls disintegrate into little pieces. These tiny pieces are too small to get stuck in your teeth and you do not notice them in a bowl of delicious, fluffy white popcorn. 

Although the color suggests that this popcorn will indeed be colorful when popped, they will be white or yellow once popped. For popped popcorn to be colored, the kernels need to be dyed beforehand, and this company does not use dyes or preservatives. This is why we chose this popcorn company to be a vendor on Harvest Array.

Amish Country Hulless Popcorn Combo

This popcorn combo pack would make a great birthday gift for any popcorn lover.

Features of this Combo Sampler Pack of Popcorn

  • The combo includes one, 4 ounce bag of each of the following varieties.
    • Blue popcorn is just a little sweet.
    • Ladyfinger is the smallest of the hulless.
    • Baby White popcorn is extra small and tender.
    • Rainbow is a blend of all the best varieties from Amish Country Popcorn.
    • Medium White is hulless popcorn that is crispy and very white.
    • Red variety has fewer hulls and medium sized kernel

  • Popcorn Made in USA, a product of Indiana.

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Six varieties of hulless popcorn come in this combo.
Amish Country Hulless Popcorn Combo
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