Floor Standing Clothes Rack

Floor Standing Clothes Rack

Floor Standing Clothes Rack

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Our drying racks are manufactured by the Amish in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  These traditional drying racks never go out of style.  Great for those items that can't be put into the dryer or just needs to dry out from that busy day skiing the slopes. 

Made with 3/4" soft maple dowels and 3/4" x 1-1/4" soft maple end pieces.  All joints are assembled with screws for extra strength and easy parts replacements.

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 Please not sizes below

 Position Dowel Length Length Height Width
Open 30 inches 30 inches 37.5 inches 12.5 inches
Closed 30 inches
30 inches
8 inches
16 inches


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At Red Hill Woodworks, they specialize in manufacturing top quality clothes drying equipment. Their clothes drying systems will offer you an environmentally friendly and energy saving way to dry their clothes. Also, there are multiple models to fit any space or home.

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