Tiki Tumblers in 4 Assorted colors
How to use the Tiki Tumblers
Peg Pack of a blue faced Tiki Tumbler
Close up of a Peg Pack of a green faced Tiki Tumbler
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The Tumblers are the ultimate fidget toy that guarantees endless entertainment and helps improve fine motor skills. These tabletop Tumblers are perfect for both kids and adults who love squishy and metal fidget toys.

With a cool Tiki face and four assorted colors, Tiki Tumblers are designed to capture your attention. Start by tipping one over and catching it with your palm or fingertip, and then challenge yourself with more advanced tricks. Whether you're trading, collecting, or enjoying them at a party, Tiki Tumblers are a must-have.

These occupational therapist gifts are also ideal for anyone with fine motor difficulties or a constant need to fidget. Our Tiki Tumblers are known to enhance dexterity and provide hours of fun.

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Don't miss the chance to get this one-of-a-kind fidget toy.  Order your Tiki Tumblers today and experience the joy of fidgeting with purpose.

Peg Pack of a blue faced Tiki Tumbler Peg Pack of a green faced Tiki Tumbler

Product Specifications of our fun dexterity tumblers

  • Each is sold separately.
  • 4 Assorted Colors
  • These Dexterity toys make great gifts for Occupational Therapists and kids with fine motor difficulties.
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