Dutch Kettle Amish Homemade Style Orange Marmalade

Dutch Kettle Amish Homemade Style Orange Marmalade Available at  Harvest Array&
Dutch Kettle Amish Homemade Style Orange Marmalade Ingredients
Dutch Kettle Amish Homemade Style Orange Marmalade Nutritional Facts
19 oz. jar of Homemade Style Orange marmalade from the Dutch Kettle. Get yours today from Harvest Array!

Dutch Kettle Amish Homemade Style Orange Marmalade

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Experience the best with our all-natural and non-GMO Orange Marmalade. A Dutch Kettle creation, it boasts quality Amish craftsmanship. This marmalade is unlike any jelly or jam—it includes chopped fruit and peel. No artificial colors or flavors are added.

Our marmalade surpasses the simple toast topping.

Ideal for sauce mix-ins, glazing ducks, or enhancing baked treats. Each thick spread maintains a smooth finish with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients.

Stored in a transparent glass jar, its richness awaits in each delightful spoonful. Refrigerate after opening to savor all the natural goodness. Upgrade your pantry with this delectable Orange Marmalade today.

  • Crafted with real orange peel and juice

  • A delightful handmade marmalade by Dutch Kettle Amish

  • Luscious citrus taste without artificial colors or flavors

  • Perfect for toast, baking, or glazing meats

  • Chunky texture with authentic Amish seal of quality

  • Shipped safely in a 19 oz. glass jar

  • 100% natural ingredients, Non-GMO and gluten-free

Dutch Kettle Amish Homemade Style Orange Marmalade

Ingredients for the Amish Made Orange Marmalade

Cane sugar, water, orange peel, orange juice concentrate, pectin, citric acid, and natural colors.

Product Specifications

  • Made from the finest all-natural ingredients.  Therefore, our orange marmalade contains no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, is naturally gluten-free, and finally is non-GMO.
  • Refrigerate after opening.
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  • NC Made

Have you asked your phone if there are any  "Amish general stores near me" lately?  If so, we have you covered.  Why spend the day driving when we can have these Amish-made items delivered right to your door?  Some customers even call us the Online Amish Country Store.  Allow Harvest Array to be your Country food and furniture store without the drive. 

What is the difference between Jelly, Jam, Preserves, and Marmalade?

  • Jelly is made from strained fruit juice. Jellies will not contain any pieces of fruit or seeds and, therefore, have a smooth texture. Jelly is somewhat hard to spread.
  • Jam is created by mashing fruit. So, our Jam has chunky fruit with seeds. Thick, yet easier to spread than jelly.
  • Preserves will contain large pieces of cut fruit or the whole fruit in each jar. Sugar acts as a way to preserve the fruit, thus the name "preserves." Most preserves have a similar texture to jam but larger pieces of fruit in them.
  • Marmalade is a preserve but made with citrus fruit and includes the rind as well as the fruit and pulp. The fruit is boiled in water until soft, which removes any bitterness in the peel. Citrus fruits contain a large amount of pectin, making marmalade a bit gelatinous in texture.

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Marmalade Perfection!

Absolutely delightful company to work with. Outstanding products, prompt and very well packaged products for shipping safety. Excellent communication from seller.


Orange Marmalade is not very spreadable. It comes out in chunks.


Really hits the spot when you have to have a sweet marmalade. About to try the no sugar added marmalade. I’ll review that after trying. Already recommended to friends.