Textured Grip Youth Toothbrushes

Find the perfect kids toothbrush with our extra soft and soft bristle options.
Textured Grip Youth Toothbrush in blue
Textured Grip Youth Toothbrush in blue - laying flat
Textured Grip Youth Toothbrush on the side
The back view of the Textured Grip Youth Toothbrush

Textured Grip Youth Toothbrushes

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The Texture Grip child toothbrush is recommended for ages 6-10. It features .006″ extra soft & .007″ soft bristles on a 25-tuft head with a moons & stars rubber grip.  The textured rubber grip that covers a large portion of the handle and the finger grips on the back side combine for excellent grip and control.

Its contours were designed for the comfort of little hands. It has soft color coordinated bristles surrounded by extra-soft white bristles for gentle cleaning on young teeth and gums. And, lastly, just for fun, the bright textured rubber grip featuring stars and moons will delight your young patients.

These brushes are manufactured in the USA and every bristle is end-rounded and polished resulting in ultra gentle, pain-free cleaning while removing plaque. 

Textured Grip Youth Toothbrush

Features of the Textured Grip Youth Toothbrush

  • Youth Soft
  • Available in five bright colors
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Orange
    • Pink
    • Purple
  • Toothbrushes Made in the USA
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