Made in America

Who is Harvest Array?

Harvest Array is the online General Store where we offer unique American-made products from over 150 family-owned businesses, which provide over 2,000 American Jobs in 38 different states.

Every product at Harvest Array proudly carries our “Made in the USA” label.

Harvest Array is based on Five Key Beliefs:

  1. Eternal hope for our Country while promoting its small businesses.
  2. Fostering entrepreneurship with an online General Store.
  3. Independence from foreign products.
  4. Discovering all that small-town America has to offer.
  5. Showcasing each family behind our small business.

It is our guarantee to you, our valued customers: Harvest Array warrants that, every product we represent is Made in the USA, by our fellow Americans. Our explicit contract with our customers is straightforward. Harvest Array will provide our customers, with our promise that we perform the research on the products we represent with the security of knowing you are getting quality American Made products and not imports. 

Quality Handmade Products.  Harvest Array identifies the highest quality American Made products we can source. For example, imported products, typically found in big-box and online retailers include mass-produced products coming off the assembly lines.  Quality control standards are not part of the process as their products need to be produced as cheaply as possible. Think of how many times you made a purchase from them and found you were missing parts.

Our vendors at Harvest Array, are craftsmen making their products by hand and putting passion into each product, as many of them are one of a kind. Each of our vendors believes in quality over price.  We promise you will receive a high-quality item that is better built than the imports. These items are more durable and with proper care will outlast the foreign-sourced items you purchase elsewhere.

Our vendors represent a diverse group of small businesses across America and the families behind each of them. Not only are the families working together, but many of them are multigenerational where the craft has been passed down from father to son.  They are American small business owners providing for their families and committed to bringing you the finest products.

Does it matter if we buy products Made in the USA?  According to research conducted in Salt Lake City, UT, for every dollar spent in the U.S. through a small business, fifty-two cents recirculate back into their local hometown economy, compared to a meager fourteen cents from online sales and big-box retailers. What is abundantly clear is, that little goes back to supporting our small businesses in our local communities. Let’s support those who give back every day.

  • The hometown banker who coaches our little football players after work each night.
  • The farmer who is the first one to arrive as a member of the volunteer fire department.
  • The CPA firm that donates to all of the local charities.
  • The baker who donates the daily leftovers to the soup kitchen.
  • The seamstress who stayed late each evening making masks for our health care workers and asking nothing in return.  
Why Harvest Array promotes American products exclusively?
  • We support the collective future of our children.
  • Preserve the American way of life.
  • Keep our tax dollars working in America.
  • Create and maintain our American jobs as imports are not paying a fair wage.
  • We support a working wage for our craftsmen across America who themselves offer their services back to their hometown communities.
  • We are committed to our Thirty-Million small businesses representing millions of families in every community across America.
  • Every Harvest Array product represents a friend or neighbor, promotes our collective security, and ensures our shared success as a community all while sustaining the communities in OUR country.
  • Make that investment back in America.