14 ounce Bottle of Colored Popcorn

Rainbow 14oz. Bottle of Colored Popcorn
Purple 14oz. Bottle of Colored Popcorn
Red 14oz. Bottle of Colored Popcorn
Midnight Blue 14oz. Bottle of Colored Popcorn

14 ounce Bottle of Colored Popcorn

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These 14 ounce Bottles of Colored Popcorn are Amish made in Indiana. We love this popcorn and think you will too! Grab a large bowl and you will be ready to share after it has popped.

Although the word, "colored" as in "Bottle of Colored Popcorn" suggests that this popcorn will, indeed, be colorful when popped, the popcorn will be white or yellow. "To be colored, the popcorn kernels need to be dyed with food coloring beforehand, and we do not use dyes or preservatives." Says the company that makes this popcorn.

See the list below of popcorn options and which varieties will suit your popcorn addiction best:

  • Choose from these four varieties of Bottled Popcorn
    • Purple variety has small, nutty kernels. Quite tender with very few hulls, Purple makes for a great "eating popcorn"! For best results, this corn should be popped at a slightly higher temperature.

    • Rainbow popcorn is a blend of Amish Country Popcorn favorites- the best of all our varieties in one bottle. Pop the kernels for a fun snack or use them as decoration. 

    • Red popcorn is a hybrid that pops into a healthy crunchy snack. It is very similar to Medium White popcorn, but it has its own distinct characteristics. There aren't many flaky hulls, so this popcorn pops up fluffy and white every time.

    • Midnight Blue is a small hulless variety that has a sweet flavor, and a crunchy texture.  We would recommend popping it at a higher temperature, as Midnight Blue has a lower test weight and thus requires some higher popping temperatures compared to other varieties.

Bottle of Amish Made Rainbow Popcorn

Features of This Amish Made Popcorn

  • Size of each bottle is 14 ounces

  • This is not microwavable popcorn, so you will need to pour the popcorn in a popcorn popper as directed on the popper.
  • NON-GMO, Peanut and Tree Nut Free, No Dyes or Preservatives

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    • Amish Made in America, a product of Indiana

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