Decorative Poly Corn Hole Game

Beach walkway on Brazilian wood frame Polywood Corn Hole Boards
Patriotic on patriot blue frame Polywood Corn Hole Boards
Whitetail buck on birchwood frame Polywood Corn Hole Boards
Sunset island on aqua blue frame Polywood Corn Hole Boards
Barn with mountain on antique mahogany frame Polywood Corn Hole Boards
Beach with palm trees on ivory frame Polywood Corn Hole Boards
Barn with truck on coastal frame Polywood Corn Hole Boards
Elk on turf green frame Polywood Corn Hole Boards
Dimensions for the Polywood Corn Hole Boards
Patriotic fame ready for the next game of cornhole
Polywood Corn Hole Game Boards are easy to transport

Decorative Poly Corn Hole Game

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Get your game on with our Decorative Poly Corn Hole Game. The poly frame with steel fasteners is built for the great outdoors. These durable game boards are able to withstand the beating of those day-long competitions.

Each corn hole board is regulation sized and comes with eight bags. The games are available in 8 different styles for immediate shipping.  Each set can be locked together and boxed for easy transportation.  With the sturdy construction, some people call this all weather cornhole.

Our poly cornhole boards are maintenance free and will not splinter, crack or fade and requires no painting or staining. The cornhole boards are constructed of solid poly and is environmentally friendly. 

What is poly? Poly is a synthetic material that resembles real wood.  Poly is engineered to not rot and it is resistant to water for a longer life. 

Poly requires no painting and will not chip, peel, or rot. Made from recycled materials.

Patriotic poly corn hole game

Features of the cornhole sets.

  • Dimensions
    • Each regulation sized board is 48 inches by 24 inches
    • Combined weight is 45 pounds
  • Made with poly lumber frames and assembled with stainless steel fasteners
  • Complete with 8 bags. 
  • Free Shipping. Delivery must occur within the USA. (Excludes Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Corn hole boards made in USA 

8 attractive fade resistant colors and themes for the cornhole games

  • Beach Walkway on Brazilian Wood Frame
  • Patriot on Patriot Blue Frame
  • Whitetail Buck on Birchwood Frame
  • Sunset Island on Aruba Blue Frame
  • Barn with Mountain on Antique Mahogany Frame
  • Beach with Palm Tree on Ivory Frame
  • Barn with Truck on Coastal Frame
  • Elk on Turf Green Frame 

Official cornhole rules for ACA tournaments

These are the official Cornhole rules and regulations of the American Cornhole Association (ACA). The Cornhole rules and regulations have been developed and ratified for ACA-sanctioned tournament play. The Cornhole rules are not a mandate, but rather a guideline to promote consistent and standard Cornhole (also called Corn Hole and Bean Bag Toss) play, whether you’re playing in a tournament or just for fun in your backyard.

Rule 1 – Court Layout

Section A. Dimensions

A Cornhole court shall be a level rectangular area 10 foot wide and a minimum of 45 foot long. The court should consist of 2 Cornhole boards, designated pitcher boxes, and foul lines. Place the boards in a north to south setting is recommended for outdoor courts to minimize the effects of the sun.

Section B. Pitcher’s Box

The pitcher’s box is a rectangle 4 ft by 3 ft at each end of the court, parallel and on both sides of Cornhole boards. Each contestant must remain in the pitcher’s box while pitching the Cornhole bag.

Section C. Multiple Courts

Place the cornhole courts adjacent to each other at a a minimum of 10 feet apart. This distance will eliminate distraction and you can safely play. A greater distance (at least 12 feet) is preferable.

Section D. Foul Lines

There are 2 sets of foul lines: (1) open adult play and (2) junior play. The open adult play foul lines shall be defined as an imaginary line 30 ft. from the beginning of the hole in the opposite Cornhole board. For Cornhole sets that meet ACA specifications, this foul line will be parallel to the front of the Cornhole board.

The junior play foul lines shall be defined as an imaginary line 21 ft. from the beginning of the hole in the opposite Cornhole board. See the diagram below.

Section E. Covered or Indoor Courts

The regulations for covered and indoor Cornhole courts are exactly the same with the additional stipulation that they shall have a minimum 12-foot vertical clearance to the lowest possible obstruction.

Purchasing options

We offer an easy purchasing process for all of our customers. You can place your order online and add to cart, or feel free to call us and we will create your order just for you.  We are always here for you at 814-396-2151.

Each Amish-made cornhole game is constructed in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The manufacturer, Beaver Dam Woodworks, is a family-owned business manufacturing high quality and reliable outdoor goods since the 1998. Their goal is to provide dependable products, while offering superior customer service that is sure to exceed your expectations. If you are looking for custom items for decorating your home, yard, or business, we can help you with that. We can develop a list of outdoor fixtures that will match you natural setting and create your dream outdoor environment and allow you have a relaxing time with family and friends. 

Experience the natural charm of our Amish made lighthouses, mailboxes, windmills, wishing wells, yard buoys, and outdoor décor created by Beaver Dam Woodworks.  Our products are designed to add charm and sophistication to your home and will make your outdoor spaces come to life.  Our collections will inspire delight and creates a natural whimsy for something that is different and will add to your décor options.

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