Dutch Kettle Pure Honey

Pure Alfalfa Honey from The Dutch Kettle available at harvestarray.com
Nutrition facts label on The Dutch Kettle Pure Alfalfa Honey
The Dutch Kettle Pure Honey from Raspberry Blossom nectar.
Beautiful red raspberry color of The Dutch Kettle Pure Raspberry Honey for Harvest Array
Wikldflower Pure Honey from the Dutch Kettle in North Carolina
Wildflower Pure Honey nutrition facts on back of 16 oz. jar
Three varieties of Pure Honey from The Dutch Kettle available on harvestarray.com

Dutch Kettle Pure Honey

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The Dutch Kettle Pure Honey is pure honey that has not been processed therefore, does not change any of the enzymes that are present when the honeybees actually stored that honey in their combs.  The purest form of honey is honeycomb right from the hive and the next best is extracted honey which is spun out from the comb.  Each of our three types of honey have not been heated or filtered.  This means that it may contain some particles of pollen, wax or propolis.

The Dutch Kettle Three New Flavors of Pure Honey

The Three Types of The Dutch Kettle Pure Honey we have available are:

  • Pure Alfalfa Honey is found to have a consistent flavor and texture. In comparison to the common Clover Honey, Alfalfa Honey is less sweet and has a higher glucose to fructose concentration. This type of honey is nearly clear in color, while clover is usually amber to dark amber in color. How does Alfalfa Honey taste? It sometimes has a grassy, herbal, or even spicy flavor but it's inherent sweetness puts those flavors at bay. Some also say that Alfalfa honey is mild with a hint of both mint and vanilla flavors.

  • Pure Raspberry Honey comes from nectar of Raspberry Blossoms, no flavoring is added but, you can still taste a hint of raspberry.

  • Pure Wildflower Honey as compared again to Clover Honey, is the sweeter of the two. Honeybees that forage in a vast array of local wildflowers produce this honey. Because of this, the flavors can vary from subtle to fruity to tangy and rich.

The benefits of honey can be traced back as far as 8000 years ago:

  • Honey is known for its Antibacterial properties. Many people have found it to be a beneficial antiseptic and topical treatment for bug bites, burns, and other skin conditions. 
  • Honey soothes sore throats, is used as a natural cough suppressant, and may aid in healing of respiratory tract infections. Try any of these varieties of our Pure Honey in this recipe to ease your sore throat,
  • many find it's anti-inflammatory properties to improve indigestion and constipation.
  • Antioxidants found in honey are helpful in aiding in heart disease, strokes, and cancers.
  • *As always, consult a physician if you have any ailments.

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