Wooden Horse and Buggy Small Playset

Small Wooden Horse and Buggy toy made by the Amish, available at Harvest Array.
Harvest Stained Wooden Horse and Buggy Small Playset
Gray Wooden Horse and Buggy Small Playset

Wooden Horse and Buggy Small Playset

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Discover our classic wooden toys, where timeless play meets quality craftsmanship. Our Amish horse and buggy set embodies the charm of yesteryear's treasures. Skilled artisans shape each toy from durable pine wood, guaranteeing endless hours of play.

Safe, non-toxic finishes on these cherished playthings ensure peace of mind. Handmade wooden toys made in the USA endure over time, creating a legacy of play for future generations. Each unique piece stands apart from today's disposable distractions and invites children to dive into inventive play.

As the wheels of the sturdy buggy roll, you're transported to a slower, more attentive world of imagination and joy. Step away from fleeting trends and gift your child with the best handmade toys. Complete a family legacy as these Amish-crafted heirlooms are passed from child to child. With every playful "clip-clop", stories and adventures unfurl.

Buy play, nurture traditional skills, and keep age-old simplicity alive with our remarkable wooden toys.

Small Amish Made Wooden Horse and Buggy Playset


Product Specifications of this Playset

  • Dimensions
    • 3 1/2inches High
    • 2 1/2inches Wide
    • 7 1/2inches Long

  • Harvest or Gray

  • Ages 2 and Over

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Forget electronic games - here are the true classics that children will remember forever. (Just like you remember from your childhood) From pull toys to marble rollers to puzzles, nothing stays in the memory like simple yet cleverly designed wooden toys.

Clip Clop: the unmistakable sound of a horse-drawn carriage pulled down a country road. It’s a sound that hearkens back to a simpler time when children's toys were powered not by batteries, but by the boundless energy of imagination. And while the going may be a little slower, oh, the things you’ll see along the way! 

Our toys and play furniture are handcrafted in the heart of Lancaster County, where you can still hear this sound every day. Each piece is built to last, so it can be handed down for generations to come.

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