Peanut Butter Poly Bird Feeders

Peanut Butter Polly Bird Feeders Outdoors Harvest Array
Peanut Butter Polly Bird Feeders Black and Tan From Harvest Array
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Peanut Butter Polly Bird Feeders Tan and Green From Harvest Array

Peanut Butter Poly Bird Feeders

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Built for year round exposure to the outdoors, this Peanut Butter Poly Bird Feeder is built with poly lumber, by Amish Craftsmen in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Poly is a high-density polyethylene material which will resist splintering and wood damaging pests. The bright and beautiful colors available for this Peanut Butter Bird Feeder will not fade and will look new for a lifetime.

Poly lumber is eco-friendly because it is proudly made from 100 percent recycled milk jugs and other plastic jugs that you throw in your recycling bin every day that might otherwise end up in a landfill, river, or the ocean. 

The big advantage to using high quality poly for this particular type of bird feeder over wood, is that it will not get moldy. Adding peanut or bark butter to a wood feeder will cause mold to quickly spread throughout the feeder, rendering it useless. Mold will not grow on poly feeders. A poly feeder of this type and size can easily be washed with soap and water in a bucket or the sink between applying the butter. 

Attract woodpeckers, titmice and chickadee songbirds to your backyard with our double sided Peanut Butter Feeder. Use a small spatula or a plastic knife to spread peanut butter over and into the meticulously handcrafted holes. Next, hang the bird feeder by the attached chain from a tree branch or garden hook. Then, sit, relax, and watch the birds enjoy this sweet treat. 

Tan and Green Peanut Butter Poly Bird Feeder

Product Specifications of this recycled plastic bird feeder

  • Approximate Dimensions
    • 8 inches high
    • 9 inches wide

  • There are two perches on each side for the birds to land on for stability while eating.

  • Choose from 3 color combinations
    • Black and Tan 
    • Gray and Cherry
    • Tan and Green

  • Each Peanut Butter Feeder is individually handmade utilizing generational techniques of the Amish in Pennsylvania.

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