REVO Dubler Microcore Microwave Heat Packs

The Microwaveable heat packs can be reheated 300 times. That&
Make a fun potato bar for your family game night with our REVO Dubler Party Cooler and one Microcore Microwave Heat Pack on one side and cold condiment trays on the other.
Deep Black Revo Dubler HEAT Flameless Chafer/Cooler includes 2 Lids, 3 Condiment Trays, an Ice Scooper, and 2 Microwavable Heat Packs. Made in the USA.
REVO Dubler with the Microcore Microwavable Heat Packs in the bottom is ideal for keeping hot party foods hot without the worry of open flames.
Keep Hot foods hot and Cold foods cold all -in-one Dubler by REVO Coolers. A 2 Pack of Microwavable Heat Packs can be purchased separately at Harvest Array.
The Pink Coral Revo Dubler HEAT Flameless Chafer/Cooler includes 2 Lids, 3 Condiment Trays, an Ice Scooper, and 2 Microwavable Heat Packs. All Made in America.
The Revo Dubler Party Cooler can easily transform into the HEAT Flameless Chafer with the addition of the Microcore Heat Packs.

REVO Dubler Microcore Microwave Heat Packs

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Turn your REVO Dubler Party Cooler instantly into The REVO Dubler HEAT Flameless Chafer and Cooler with the purchase of our 2 Pack of Microcore Microwave Heat Packs. You love your Dubler Cooler but really wish you purchased the HEAT instead. No need to buy both. We have a simple solution to have a two-in-one double chafing dish or cold food or beverage server.

Harvest Array has REVO Dubler Microcore Microwave Heat Packs for an economical solution to your party problem. Great for one hot food tray on one side and chilled food or beverages on the other side. 

The Dubler Cooler can now act as a Dubler HEAT when you want to serve hot food with these easy and safe to use REVO Dubler Microcore Microwave Heat Packs. This allows you to relax and be a guest at your own party. The open and inviting display keeps hot food hot, visible, and easy for guests to serve themselves.

No open flame, or hot water needed, making it safer to serve hot foods at your event. "It is the safest chafing dish on the market!" according to REVO Coolers.

How to Keep Food Hot with the Microcore Heat Packs

  • Microwave the heat packs until they just begin to swell and stop (approximately 3 to 5 minutes). Microwaves have a wide range of heat capability and overheating will cause the bag to leak or burst.
  • Immediately put the heat packs into the bottom of the Dubler, one in each side.
  • Transfer hot food pans to the Dubler and cover with the lids. 
    • Please Note: Foods like lasagna or casseroles that are dense will stay hot longer than chicken wings.
    • Leaving the lids on will keep your food warm longer.
    •  If not touched and left covered, food will stay warm for hours and ready to serve for up to 5 hours. Slow drop in temperature only. 
REVO Coolers Dubler HEAT Flameless Chafer
Standard chafers only hold a 2.5 inch deep pan.  The DUBLER HEAT/Cooler can hold up to 4 inch deep pans.  One DUBLER has the food capacity of almost 2 standard chafers.

Make a fun baked potato or taco bar for your next party with a Microcore Heat Pack on the bottom of one side of the insulated tub for the hot food side and condiment trays over ice on the cold side. See other accessories to add to any of the DUBLERS to elevate your parties here.  
Add REVO Microcore Heat Packs to the Dubler Party Cooler REVO Coolers Dubler Party Cooler. Made in America.

Order yours today and enjoy free shipping within the USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). Upgrade your indoor or outdoor party experience with the addition of REVO Microcore Microwave Heat Packs for the Dubler Cooler. Now you have both a Chafer and a cooler for all your party needs. Wedding and baby showers, family reunions, pool parties, graduation parties, and holiday gatherings will never be easier. If you love to entertain and make memories with friends and family, let the REVO Dubler Accessories make it easier for you to enjoy your own parties. 

Features of the heat packs

  • Sold in a Pack of 2
  • Heat packs are for use with a Dubler only, not the Party Barge
  • They can also be frozen for use as a convenient drop in under condiment trays or trays of food, to maintain freshness.
  • Free Shipping in the Continental US Only. (Excludes AK & HI)
  • Made in the USA.
REVO makes your guests feel welcome and lets them easily serve themselves. Elevate any gathering.


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