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Custom Made Hanging Display Racks for 1/64 Scale Die Cast Collectable Cars Still in the Packages

Custom Display Rack for 100 1/64 size Die Cast Collectible Cars in original package

My love for woodworking began in the 7th grade. My favorite class was Industrial Arts, which included drafting, welding, and woodworking. This is where I learned how to use and respect power tools. These included a drill press, radial arm saw, planner, joiner, lathe, and table saw. I made sure to use them safely.

I still have a bookcase and toolbox I made. That was almost 60 years ago.

But life happens:

  • Graduated high school
  • Got married
  • Had three wonderful children
  • Worked
  • Retired

How I got back into Woodworking

When my wife was planting her spring flowers about 15 years ago, the planter she was using was cheap and it broke. I told her I could build a planter for her.

Little did I know what building one wooden planter would lead to. Then, I built another planter, and another and another. Next, I built birdhouses, and the list goes on. She loved them, and so did other people.

We began to sell woodcraft items locally in Georgia. One day, I saw a wall display for Hot Wheel cars, and I thought to myself, "I could build one of those." After building enough to display my hundreds of die-cast collectible cars, I began to sell these displays as well.

Custom Display Rack for 1/64 size Die Cast Collectible Cars in original package

Conserving natural resources

I believe in conserving the natural resources God has given us, so we take pride in doing our part. Much of the wood we use is sourced locally from Northwestern Georgia. The lumber is obtained by milling timber from pine beetle kill wood on our property or purchasing it from local sawmills.

Many of the power and hand tools I use are almost as old or older than me. I am 70 years old. The tools have been restored and saved from the landfill.

Display Rack for small die cast collectible Cars in Original Package

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