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The recognizable clip-clop of a horse-drawn carriage rolling along a rural lane can be heard. This is a sound synonymous with Lancaster County and its residents.   Nestled among farmlands and friends, we are known to do things a little differently here – and a lot slower. 

Our handcrafted, classic wooden toys and children’s furniture are designed to bring out that slower way of life to your home. Our wooden toys are designed to spark the imagination in all of us. These playthings range from pretend kitchens and dollhouse furniture to farm sets and traditional pull-along toys. The going may be a little slower, but you will notice all the little things along the way.

Since the late 1970s, Lapp’s Toys have delighted families looking for quality children’s toys and furniture. Our products are heirloom quality. They are designed to last through time so they can be passed down from sibling to sibling and generation to generation. These are the toys that all of us grew up with.

Amish horse and buggy


You will not find any plastic or batteries in any of our toys. Our handmade toys and furniture are carefully crafted from sustainable Baltic Birch wood and are designed, manufactured, and tested in Lancaster, PA. Each handcrafted toy is made to heirloom quality and is designed to withstand the wear and tear of your children. You will notice the difference that our artisans bring to each handcrafted piece. 

All of our products meet or exceed Consumer Product Safety standards and are finished with toxin-free paints.  Our toys and furniture undergo physical, mechanical, and fire-safety testing guided by ASTM standards.  Every piece we craft sustains our own in-house physical testing procedure to ensure unmatched durability and stability. 


Sustainable Baltic Birch wood and Pine is an important part of who we are. We chose this type of wood early on for its durability. Our intention was to make toys and furniture that could last a long time and avoid the landfill.

We only source and manufacture within the US. This supports our national economy and reduces carbon emissions associated with international trade and shipping.

Car Roller

Our History


John K. Lapp opened a small business that specialized in toy and furniture making. The business offered only a few styles. Two of these styles, the Heritage Car Roller, and Heirloom Marble Roller, are still available today.


John Lapp enters the family business at age 15 sanding and assembling small parts. His passion for toy making is ignited and he quickly works his way up through the company.


John K. retires from the business to spend more time with his family. John rallies his brother, Amos, and dad, Jonathan to take over the business. While John finds inspiration in the woodshop, Amos leads the paint room, and Dad manages sales and shipping.


Lapp's Toys has opened an enhanced woodshop that has been added to increase efficiency. The updated woodshop helps keep prices affordable as product demand increases. 


Recognition of Lapp’s Toys is increasing. Demand for classic toys is also rising. As a result, the team needs more space. They settle in their current location at 2220 Horseshoe Road. 


Amos leaves the toy business to take over his family’s dairy farm. John and Dad continue the family legacy.


Lapp’s Toys are currently sold around the country. John and Mima have taken over the family business. Their two kids have developed a talent for assessing product quality.




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