M & M Enterprises

Unique Cedar Garden Planters and Outdoor Furniture

M & M Enterprises is a family-owned and operating business since 2000 in Indiana. Marvin organized the company while working in an RV factory in a nearby town. Marvin yearned for a company that would be sustainable and generational to pass down to his children.

His dream was to grow a company to provide for his family, but one small enough that he could still do what he loved, handmaking beautiful and useful cedar products.  Currently, he works with his father, brother, two sons, and his daughter. The pure definition of a small family business. 

All of the materials for their outdoor furniture are harvested from a cedar lumber mill in Missouri.  They chose cedar as their main construction tool because of the warm and soft feel of the wood over poly.  Not to mention the natural benefits of cedar.

Cedar is unique because it has a natural resistance to rot and decay. Cedar also releases a natural scent that deters bugs and other insects. All their products are available in Aromatic Red Cedar and milled for a smooth finish.

Cedar Peddler Cart from M & M Enterprises

After several years of working on the craft side of the business, Marvin and his family started creating lawn furniture in 2005.  M & M Enterprises has an innovative and creative mindset when it comes to developing new products, but also listens to their customers and dealers. So please let us know of any additional products you would like to see in your home and yard.

They strive to build quality products to enhance your lawn and garden. They offer a wide variety of weather resistant planter boxes to allow you to find the perfect one for your lawn and garden style.  Sit in your backyard oasis and enjoy some rest and relaxation watching the flowers grow in one of our planters from M & M Enterprises.

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