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They are a small family owned, eight generation farm homesteaded in 1835, and milking about 50 grass fed cows. When the farm milk prices plummeted, they had to try to add something made, with what they already had, to their sales. They came up with some recipes which included soaps to incorporate the milk in to retail products. Before the pandemic hit, they sold their products at farmer markets, craft shows, and flea markets. But now they needed to find a new outlet as there has not been craft shows for over a year.

Her grandmother taught her how to make the angels, over 50 years ago. After her children were raised she started making them again and started adding additional colors.

The solar lights were a joint family effort when they were trying to figure out how to  offer angels for cemetery sites and in flower beds.

Their soap motto is: PH balanced skin from Moo to You. Their cows' fresh grass diet provides the best source of natural beta carotene, vitamin D and vitamin E and is high in nature's own cancer inhibitor, conjugated linoleic acids (CLA's).


  • Harvest Array

    Here is the link for the Handmade Crocheted Angels


  • Linda Slade

    How can I order some of your angels?

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