The Dutch Kettle

Family Owned and Operated in North Carolina

You deserve the best when it comes to jams, jellies, and preserves. At The Dutch Kettle, all of our Amish-made jams and jellies are made using the finest all-natural and non-GMO ingredients, because we don’t sell any products we wouldn’t eat ourselves. We never add any preservatives and each product we make is handcrafted with care.

Dutch Kettle Amish Seedless Homemade Style Blackberry Jam
Our products are manufactured with great pride in the quality and attention given to every batch. There’s a down-home feel to our items that remind customers of a simpler time. In addition to our handcrafted seedless jams, jellies, and specialty products, The Dutch Kettle also features items from Pickles & Relish to Pure Mountain Honey.
Dutch Kettle Amish Home Style Pickled Beets
Check out all the delicious products from The Dutch Kettle that Harvest Array carries.

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