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The last privately held, All-American made tool manufacturer in the US Market.

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For almost 100 years we've been innovating, engineering, and forging tools that exceed here others fail.  At Wright, our vision has always been to ensure confidence and protect those that are building our tomorrow. And when we do that, we're forging more than just tools. We're forging partnerships. We're forging respect. Something we don't intend to lose anytime soon.

Since 1927, the Wright Tool Company has manufactured the highest quality hand tools in the industry. No exceptions. Upon striking the first forging here in Ohio, our tools have been engineered and crafted by hardworking Americans, for hardworking Americans. We have no intentions on slowing down either—Wright has continued to innovate when everyone else says "good enough"— and we have the patents to prove it. All of these are reasons why our tools aren't inexpensive, because frankly, you get what you pay for. We forge tools for those who understand value isn't represented by a price tag, but rather downtime and replacement. 


  • Harvest Array

    Thanks for sharing that information. Some of the tools that Wright Tools sells are from third parties and not manufactured at their facility in Ohio. We have met with Wright Tool and toured their facilities. All of the items that we have listed on our website are made in Ohio and not outsourced oversees.

  • Mel

    Why on Amazon are there tools made in China? I kid you not

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