Musical Car Chimes

Musical Car Chimes - Tree of Life
Tree of Life Musical Car Chimes
Moon Musical Car Chimes
Dolphin Musical Car Chimes
Angel Musical Car Chimes
Cat Musical Car Chimes
Dog Paw Print Musical Car Chimes
Dragon Fly Musical Car Chimes
Hummingbird Musical Car Chimes
Heart Musical Car Chimes
Sea turtle Musical Car Chimes
Peace Musical Car Chimes
The Journey is Everything Musical Car Chimes
Dream Big Musical Car Chimes
Just Breathe Musical Car Chimes
Be the Change Musical Car Chimes

Musical Car Chimes

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Our Musical Car Chimes are a delightful accessory for your car that will bring a sense of peace and relaxation into your daily drives. These specially hand-tuned chimes by renowned chime maker Jacob Sokoloff produce enchanting musical notes that are sure to brighten your day. Our Car Charm features three perfectly tuned pipes hanging from a whimsical shape, making it not only aesthetically pleasing but also a wonderful gift. Hang it from your car's rear-view mirror or use it as a holiday ornament. These musical wind chimes can be hung anywhere you desire.

When faced with road frustrations or challenges, simply hit your Musical Car Charm and let its soothing tones help you stay calm and focused. Made with care in America, this adorable car charm also comes with a strong ball chain for secure hanging. We offer a variety of charming designs, including the Angel Car Charm, Tree of Life, Paw Print, and more.

How to hang wind chimes? This Musical Car Charm comes with a 9" ball chain, making it easy to hang wherever you like. Bring joy to each journey with our musically tuned wind chimes.

Free Shipping on orders over $50.00 within the USA, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Browse through our Home and Kitchen section at to find more delightful charms for cars and hooks for hanging wind chimes. Shop now and experience the joy of having a musical companion on your travels.

Features of the Musical Car Chimes

  • Approximate measurements: 3" tall x 3/4" wide, on a 9" ball chain
  • The chime image is made of cast metal with an antique brass finish.
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  • Made in America

Types of the Musical Car Chimes

  • Tree of Life
  • Moon
  • Angel
  • Cat
  • Dolphin
  • Dragonfly
  • Heart
  • Hummingbird
  • Paw Print
  • Piece Sign
  • Sea Turtle
  • Be the Change
  • Big Dream
  • Just Breathe
  • The Journey

Musical instrument maker Jacob Sokoloff has been making his precision tuned wind chimes for about 35 years. Best known for his hugely popular Car Charms (often just called car chimes), Jacob’s first chimes were the “Traditional” series. These wood and metal wind chimes make peaceful and relaxing music in the wind, are 100% weatherproof and lifetime guaranteed.

In 1998 Jacob’s Musical Chimes introduced its first “miniature” windchimes, made of solid aluminum pipes hung from whimsical shapes such as hummingbirds, cats, dragonflies, fairies, butterflies, angels and many more (the hummingbird wind chimes, dragonfly wind chimes and fairy wind chimes remain the most popular). These affordable windchimes also made beautiful music, and Jacob’s customers accepted them with open arms. The series currently includes the Little Piper Chimes, an 18" plant stake chime called the Plant Adorn-a-ment, the Door Chimes, the Silhouette Chimes and of course the bestselling Car Charms.

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