Handmade Cedar Carpenter Bee Trap

Handmade Cedar Carpenter Bee Trap
Cedar Carpenter Bee Trap with Mason Jar
Similarities and Differences between Bumble Bees and Carpenter Bees.

Handmade Cedar Carpenter Bee Trap

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Handmade Carpenter Bee Traps are for use when there is significant damage to your home or outdoor wooden furniture. This damage is caused by Carpenter Bees.

Carpenter Bees: The Good and The Bad (click here for reference)

The Good

  • Carpenter bees are essential pollinators. They are responsible for up to 15% of the pollination of agricultural crops. They also pollinate flowering plants in our gardens.
  • They only become defensive when they (the males) feel the nest is threatened. Fortunately for us, the males cannot sting. Likewise, the females will only sting when they are handled aggressively or are physically threatened.

The Bad

  • Female Carpenter bees have very strong mandibles. Therefore, they are able to chew a perfect round entry hole into wood to make their nest. Then, she continues chewing tunnels with little chambers in each to lay her eggs and then to house her offspring.
  • Unlike most other types of bees, all carpenter bee females can mate and raise offspring. They usually live and nest in small groups using the same nest year after year. There will be one primary queen that feeds the offspring and the subordinate queens. She will usually die after one year and the female next in line will inherit the throne. 

How do these Handmade Traps work

Each Carpenter Bee Trap is constructed from Eastern Red Cedar, a carpenter bee's favorite wood. There are predrilled entry holes at 45-degree angles which mimic the work of a female, nesting carpenter bee. This saves other bees the hard work of finding and making their own nest.

Once the bees enter, they realize that this isn't a nest, so they follow their instincts and fly towards light. This is where the mason jar comes in. Carpenter bees cannot fly upwards. Once the insects have landed in the glass jar, they are stuck.

They are unable to fly up or climb out of the slippery jar. Hang the trap high up on the eves of your house for best results. Additionally, place the trap at the corners of the porch. This way, the carpenter bee trap is visible to the bees, and they can easily access it.

If you know someone dealing with invasive carpenter bees damaging their home, surprise them with a Cedar Trap. You will not only be helping out a friend, but you will also be supporting a small, family owned, American business.

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Handmade Cedar Carpenter Bee Trap

Product Specifications of this Bee Trap

  • Dimensions of the Trap
    • 5.75 inches wide 
    • 5.75 inches long
    • 12 inches high 

  • Made with Eastern Red Cedar Wood and a clear glass Ball Mason Jar.  

  • Simple cleanup by removing the jar, empty, and screw the mason jar back into the block of wood at the base.

  • Handmade by a father and son small business for years. 

  • The package should arrive within two to three weeks after purchase if standard shipping is used..

  • These cedar Carpenter Bee Traps are designed, handcrafted, packed, and shipped from Kentucky.
  • Made in the USA

  • Please Only use these bee traps to prevent structural damage by carpenter bees to your home and other outdoor wooden structures.

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