Camper Clothes Drying Rack with 8 Arms

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Introducing the 8 Arm Camper Rack for drying your clothes while on vacation. Made in the USA.
8 Arm Camper Rack hangs right on the ladder of your RV. No Tools Required.

Camper Clothes Drying Rack with 8 Arms

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Introducing the 8 Arm RV Drying Rack.  Perfect for drying your clothes, towels and swimsuits while on vacation in your RV and Camper. 

The convenient design and sturdy construction make this 8 arm laundry drying rack for campers a reliable and long-lasting addition to your vacation home on wheels. 

This mobile drying rack connects directly to the outside ladder of your RV in seconds.  Hang your wet clothing and towels to dry them in the fresh air.  - only while the RV is off and not moving.

When needed, simply extend each arm upward. When fully open, the 8 arms spread out in a half-circle shape that is 54.5 inches wide. It only measures 6" x 6" x 31" when folded up for storage in the camper when not in use. 

When the family is done swimming in the campground pool or the nearby lake, have everyone hang their towel and swimsuit from an arm of the drying rack. They will be dry and ready to use again in no time. Air drying keeps things in good condition and makes them last longer. 

Maximize RV space with our versatile RV ladder clothes drying rack – ideal for camping enthusiasts seeking a reliable solution to dry clothes on the go.
8 Arm Camper Rack Clothes Drying Rack in Use

Save time and trips to the laundromat and more time relaxing and making memories with our innovative 8 Arm Camper Rack Clothes Drying Rack. This is similar to our 16 Arm Wall Rack. However, it includes an additional bracket that fits over the outside ladder of your camper or RV.

This clothes drying rack is expertly crafted by skilled Amish craftsmen in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They take pride in using traditional methods that have been passed down for generations, ensuring top quality and durability yet have adapted it for today's modern world. The rack hangs right on the ladder of the camper. No Tools Required! 

Efficiently dry clothes on your adventures with our RV ladder clothes drying rack, ideal for campers and camping expeditions.
View of Bracket on Back of Rack that Slips over the Ladder

By choosing our Amish-made clothes drying wall rack, you are supporting local craftsmanship and investing in a product that will serve you for years to come. Experience the timeless beauty and practicality of our Camper travel drying rack and discover a new level of convenience and style in your laundry routine while on vacation. Do Not leave rack on the ladder when driving!

Made with 1/2" x 3/4" x 25 1/2" long, soft maple wood dowels for the arms which are supported by a strong rectangular rod-in-groove design. This 8 arm wall rack is made in America and comes with free shipping within the USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). 

Features of the camper clothes drying rack

  • Made in America
  • No Assembly required
  • All wooden parts are made of soft maple
  • Hinges and screws used to construct the rack are zinc plated
  • Folded for Shipping
  • Easy to hang on the Ladder, then simply extend the arms when ready to use
  • Only use the dryer when Camper is at the RV Park
  • Free Shipping. Delivery must occur within the USA. (Excludes Alaska and Hawaii)

 Please note sizes below

 Position Dowel Length Rack Width Rack Height
Closed 31 inches 6 inches 6 inches
Open (extended) 25.5 inches 54.5 inches 22.0 inches


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At Red Hill Woodworks, they specialize in manufacturing top quality clothes drying equipment. Their clothes drying systems will offer you an environmentally friendly and energy saving way to dry your clothes. Also, there are multiple models to fit any space or home. Find the size and style that is right for you here.

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