Wooden Single Outhouse Birdhouse

Blue Single Outhouse Birdhouse From Harvest Array
Blue Single Outhouse Birdhouse with the door open
Black Single Outhouse Birdhouse
Side view of the black Single Outhouse Birdhouse
Red Single Outhouse Birdhouse by the lake
Red Single Outhouse Birdhouse
Green Single Outhouse Birdhouse by the lake
Green Single Outhouse Birdhouse
Side view of the green Single Outhouse Birdhouse

Wooden Single Outhouse Birdhouse

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The Single Outhouse Birdhouse is the perfect addition to your birdhouse décor collection. Designed to resemble a charming outhouse, this decorative birdhouse will bring delight to any bird lover, young or old. Not only does it serve as a beautiful ornament, but it also provides a cozy nest for our avian friends.

With ample space, this birdhouse is ideal for birds to build their nests or seek refuge from harsh weather conditions. Hang it outside your window and witness the mama bird's tireless effort in creating a comfy and safe haven for her eggs and young ones.

Crafted with attention to detail by the Amish, these unique birdhouses have become a sought-after timeless treasure in yards across America. Let the birds enjoy instant protection and shelter from predators and turbulent weather.

Measuring 8.5" W x 8" L x 13" H, this Single Outhouse Birdhouse is available in four delightful colors – Blue, Green, Red, and a classic Back. And to make it even better, we offer free shipping* on all orders within the USA.

Upgrade your birdhouse décor with this charming Single Outhouse Birdhouse and create a welcoming home for our feathered friends.  

Benefits of the Amish-Made Birdhouses

 There are many important reasons why you should have these unique birdhouses in your yard. 

  • Nesting birds will have an instant home
  • Birdhouses provide safe shelter from, not only weather elements but also predators
  • Nesting birds will keep cool in the summer and then, when they arrive back for roosting in the winter, they will keep warm
  • You will have the enjoyment of watching many kinds of birds frequent your yard and birdhouse.
  • Front door opens


Blue Single Outhouse Birdhouse with the door open

Features of the Single Outhouse Birdhouse

  • Size

    • 8 1/2 inches wide
    • 8 inches long
    • 13 inches high 
  • Colors
    • Back
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Red
  • Made in America
  • Free Shipping. Delivery must occur within the USA. (Excludes Alaska and Hawaii)

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