The Original Spintiller®

The Original Spintiller comes with an Ash Handle and is Made in the USA
Use this multifunctional tool to cultivate, till and weed your flower beds.
The original spintiller has a lifetime warrenty
The original spintiller is great for getting the flower beds ready for Spring.
Thoughtfully designed at less than three pounds and easy to use

The Original Spintiller®

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For the avid gardeners, professional landscapers, and golf course maintenance.

Features of The Original Spintiller® 

  • Multi-functional landscaping tool
  • Easy to roll over the ground to cultivate, aerate, weed, till, edge, and dress mulch. 
  • Unique Curved Chisel Tip design digs and lifts soil, refreshes mulch and brings weeds to the surface without damaging flowers, plants, or vegetables
  • Rolling functionality minimizes the impact not just on your plants, but on your body too! Easy on your hands and elbows; No chopping, twisting, or ramming required!
  • Chisel Tipped Tines don't clog like other knife type products.
  • Unique Quick Flip-over Action creates both wide and narrow working paths, changing the angle of attack, thus making The Original Spintiller® quick, easy, and efficient - unlike other landscaping equipment.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Commercial grade quality and results yet, so easy a home gardener can use!

    • Length: 67.25" with a 1 1/8" Ash handle
    • Weight: 4.3 lbs.
    • Made in America

 Cultivate & Till

Prep existing beds for flower and vegetable planting by tilling compacted soil and leftover plant material, allowing for easier penetration of air, nutrients, and water. 
The Spintiller can also help you till the soil when creating new beds & vegetable gardens. Cultivate throughout the season to keep soil loose, allowing seeds and plants to flourish. Regular soil cultivation keeps your garden nourished and healthy while helping to reduce weed growth.
When there is weeding to be done, The Spintiller easily loosens and brings even the toughest weeds to the surface without using dangerous weedicides & chemicals.
Apply & Freshen Mulch
Mulching beds is one of the best things you can do to keep your plants healthy. It provides insulation, water retention, weed prevention, and improves the overall look of your property. The Spintiller helps apply mulch easier and more evenly. Then just spend a short time each week with The Spintiller Landscaper turning over and freshening your mulch and your garden will not only LOOK healthy but will BE healthy. Freshens mulch by de-compacting the surface making your beds look beautiful and preventing fungus and mold from forming
Spot Seed
Have pets leaving their mark on your lawn? Are the kids creating their own path through the yard instead of using the walkway? The Spintiller is perfect for spot-seeding those Fido spots and worn, damaged areas. The lateral action of the chisel tips penetrates the soil at the perfect depth for seeding, creating ideal conditions for water and nutrient penetration to promote much quicker germination then surface seeding.
Use the Spintiller to keep a nice, clean edge around your beds.
Have a small or medium size lawn? Why spend hundreds of dollars renting an aerator or paying a lawn service that can tear up your yard? Use the Spintiller to easily provide your lawn with the air and nutrients it needs. Think of it as going for a nice stroll without leaving home. Or have the darn kids do it!

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