The Caulking Finger, A Caulk Smoothing Tool

Caulking finger in the box
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The Caulking Finger, A Caulk Smoothing Tool

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What is The Caulking Finger?

This caulking tool was developed by a painter with over 25 years of professional painting experience. He was getting tired of wearing out all his fingers caulking all day. This caulking finger was tested and recommended by painters with over a 100 years of combined experience.  The Caulking finger is used by professionals on a daily basis and by do-it-yourself homeowners who want that same finish without tearing up their fingers and hands.

The Caulking Finger, A Caulk Smoothing Tool

How to Caulk Like a Professional.

Professionals have always used their finger because nothing works as good as their finger for that professional smooth finish. Until now, we made The Caulking Finger life like. Now you can have that same professional smooth finish and save your finger. Whether you have a wide or a thin crack, this life like finger will fill and adhere the caulk to the surface leaving a professional looking finish.

Why wear out your finger when you can use the caulking finger instead.

Features of the caulking finisher tool

  • Measures 6 inches in length and finger is just about the size of your thumb.
  • Smooths and finishes like a professional painter and contractor
  • Provides relief and saves your fingers from splinters and soreness
  • Designed and tested by professional painters
  • Each one comes with a durable comfort grip
  • Easy to use.  Just wet the caulking finger and smooth caulk
  • Flexible fingertip will not scratch or damage surfaces
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 Finally a tool that actually works in 4 easy steps

Instructions for the caulking finger

Before you start, make sure that you prep the area.  That starts with a clean surface and removal of the old caulk, paint dirt, and other debris. If you are removing silicone caulk, please make sure the residue is completely removed. Using a cleaning rag, wipe the surface with a cleaning solution, Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry.

  • Step 1

    Trim the nozzle of the caulk tube near the tip at a 45 degree angle the size appropriate to fill the crack, then insert the tube in a caulk gun.

  • Step 2

    Position the caulking gun at a 45 degree angle so that the caulk tube tip directly meets the surface of the joint. Make sure that your only apply enough pressure on the caulking gun to allow the appropriate amount of caulk to fill the crack. Move the caulk gun slowly along the joint.

  • Step 3

    Use a cloth rag, or sponge in a bucket of water to moisten and clean off the fingertip of The Caulking Finger periodically.

  • Step 4

    Smooth the caulk using The Caulking Finger. The life like finger will fill and adhere the caulk to the surface leaving a professional looking finish.

    Customer quotes

    " I am a homeowner, and we sometimes do our own renovations. Working with wood can be harsh on your fingers as far as putting it up, filling the holes and caulking.

    This tool is a finger saver!!! It's super easy to use. I wish these would have came out a long time ago. I would recommend this product to everyone. "

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Caulking finger in the box
Caulking rough stucco using the caulking finger
The Caulking Finger, A Caulk Smoothing Tool
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