Gourmet Quality Hulless Popcorn - 2 lb. Bags

Gourmet Quality Hulless Popcorn - 2 lb. Bags
Gourmet Quality Hulless Popcorn - 2 lb. Bags
Gourmet Quality Hulless Popcorn - 2 lb. Bags
Gourmet Quality Hulless Popcorn - 2 lb. Bags

Gourmet Quality Hulless Popcorn - 2 lb. Bags

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Discover delicious, Amish-grown hulless popcorn from the heart of Indiana. Our two-pound bag leaves no unwanted hulls getting stuck in your teeth. Experience a world of wholesome snacking with our premium, small kernel delights.

Hulless popcorn isn't entirely without a hull, but has a smaller, tender hull. When these kernels pop, the result is a bowl of light, white popcorn. The delicate hull crumbles away, unnoticed as you enjoy the puff. They're perfect for everyone, even those with the most sensitive teeth or braces.

We take pride in offering gluten free popcorn options—our finest quality, non-GMO popcorn is also gluten free. Available in two mouthwatering varieties: Baby White, which offers an extra small and tender sensation and melt-in-your-mouth Lady Finger for an unparalleled popcorn experience.

Supremely easy to pop on your stove, just add butter and salt for the best gluten free popcorn treat. Note, due to size, air poppers aren't recommended. Orders over $50 ship free within the USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). Questions? Call us; we're here to help. Add to cart and start savoring.

Amish Country Ladyfinger Popcorn

Features of This Delicious Gourmet Quality Hulless Popcorn

  • Each bag is 2 pounds
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Choose from these two varieties
    • Baby White pops into extra small and tender popcorn that is hulless, crispy, and very white.
    • Lady Finger is the smallest of the hulless variety. It has been said to “melt in your mouth” and is perfect for people with sensitive teeth.

  • Both the Lady Finger and Baby White types of kernels are easy to pop and delicious with butter and salt

  • * These varieties are quite small; therefore, we do not recommend popping it in an air popper.
    • Amish Made in America

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      What is Hulless Popcorn

      Popcorn cannot be 100 percent hulless because every popcorn kernel has a hull. The hull, also known as the seed coat, traps in moisture and pressure inside the kernel during the heating process which results in the Pop. Thus, the term "hulless" popcorn refers to a certain varieties of popcorn kernels that are small in size. When popped, the small, fragile hulls disintegrate into little pieces. These tiny pieces are too small to get stuck in your teeth and you do not notice them in a bowl of delicious, fluffy white popcorn. 

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