Body Butters with Destination Scents

Paris Body Butter
Paris Body Butter Jar
Paris Body Butter ingredients
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Sicily Body Butter
Sicily Body Butter Jar
Sicily Body Butter ingredients
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Tahiti Body Butter
Tahiti Body Butter Jar
Tahiti Body Butter ingredients
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Body Butters with Destination Scents

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These moisturizing Body Butters are available in three exotic Destination Scents.  Open a jar and become transformed to a fragrant faraway place. Each 8ounce jar contains vitamin E, shea and cocoa butters and luxurious essential oils.

Our Body Butter is perfect for winter months. It helps lock in moisture and repair dry skin. Great for sensitive skin.

Difference between lotion and body butter

The main difference between lotion and body butter is texture and liquid content. Lotions are thinner and easier to apply due to a higher water content and lower amount of shea and cocoa butters. Body lotion absorbs quicker, but it still leaves a smooth, soft, non-greasy feeling to your dry skin. Put lotion on in the morning when you are in a hurry but need to moisturize your skin.

Body Butter has a thick consistency because of the high amount of shea butter, cocoa butter and fragrant oils as ingredients. Body Butters do take longer to absorb into the skin, so bedtime is the time to slather it on. When we sleep many processes take place to restore our body.

The same is true for our skin. Body butter helps repair and replenish your skin when it needs healing. Keep a jar of this on hand if your live in a cold, dry, climate in the winter.

Try all three of our Destination Body Butters to see which you like best. If you've been lucky enough to travel to one of these beautiful places, try the scent that represents that destination. Does the scent bring back memories of your time there? Pamper yourself with our collection of skin care products from Harvest Array for a Destination spa experience without leaving home.

Luxury body butter sourced in USA, nourishes deeply than lotion - rich shea butter blend from Olay.

Product specifications of these luxurious body butters to protect the skin

  • Size: 8ounce jar 

  • Exotic Body Butter with vitamin E is enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter, and botanical oils. 
    • Paris
      • Enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter & essential oils of lavender sunflower, and grapeseed.
    • Sicily
      • Enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter, fresh lemon, and extra virgin olive oil.
    • Tahiti
      • Enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, grapefruit extracts, and coconut oil.

    • These Destination Scented Body Butters are Made in USA.

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