Country Star Tote Bag

Country Star Tote Bag available at Harvest Array.
Dimensions of the Country Star Tote Bag are 12 x 6 x 12 inches.

Country Star Tote Bag

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Our large canvas tote bags combine practicality and style. Designed for women, these made in USA tote bags are perfect for daily essentials. The sturdy design and spacious interior allow for effortless organization. Crafted for durability, these canvas tote bags with pockets accommodate various items. Ideal tote for work, travels, or errands. Enjoy American-made quality with our women's canvas tote bags, your sidekick for every occasion.

  • Durable, handsewn canvas.
  • Ample storage: no interior pockets.
  • Convenient dimensions: 12"x12"x6".
  • Equipped with robust leather handles.
  • Classic country star motif.
  • Large canvas tote bag: ideal for daily use.
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty included.
  • Multipurpose: for work, shopping, more.
  • Women’s canvas tote bag: style meets function.

Made proudly in the USA, this Country Star tote bag with leather handles is the perfect combination of style and functionality. Get your hands on this luxurious canvas tote bag and upgrade your everyday essentials to your own country style at Harvest Array, today.

Country Star Tote Bag

Features of the Country Star Tote Bag

  • Made from rugged handsewn canvas fabric and leather straps.

  • Dimensions
    • 12 inches long
    • 12 inches tall
    • Can accommodate up to a 6 inch width 

  • The Country Star Tote comes with a Two Year Limited Warranty to the original purchaser.

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