Sealed Bearing Pony or Display Cart Wheel With Rubber Tires

Sealed Bearing Pony or Display Cart Wheel - Rubber Wheels come in 36", 32", 28", 24" and 20" sizes.
Axles for the Sealed Bearing Pony or Display Cart Wheels are sold separately

Sealed Bearing Pony or Display Cart Wheel With Rubber Tires

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Our premium Sealed Bearing Pony or Display Cart Wheel with Rubber Tires, is meticulously designed for both durability and aesthetic appeal. This wheel is the ideal choice for pony carts, small animal carts, and decorative display carts, offering both functionality and style. The Wagon Wheels come encased in a rubber tire.

Wheels are sold individually and Axels sold separately. 

Key Features:

  • Sealed Bearings: Each wheel is equipped with high-quality sealed bearings that ensure smooth and effortless movement. The sealed design protects against dust, dirt, and moisture, prolonging the life of the wheel and reducing maintenance requirements.

  • Robust Rubber Tires: The tires are made from a durable rubber material that provides excellent traction and stability on various surfaces, from smooth indoor floors to uneven outdoor terrains. These rubber tires also absorb shock, offering a comfortable ride for your pony or a stable platform for your displays.

  • Elegant Design: With a focus on aesthetics, these wheels are designed to enhance the appearance of your cart or display. The sleek, black rubber tires are complemented by a polished wheel hub, creating a look that is both elegant and functional.

  • Versatile Application: Whether you're outfitting a pony cart for leisurely rides through the park, setting up a display cart for exhibitions, or anything in between, these wheels offer the perfect blend of performance and style. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Easy Installation: Installation is a breeze thanks to the straightforward design. The wheels can be easily attached to your cart or display, allowing for a quick setup or replacement.

Enhance your pony cart or display cart with our Sealed Bearing Pony or Display Cart Wheel with Rubber Tires. Experience the perfect combination of durability, performance, and elegance. Order now to take the first step towards a more stylish and functional cart!

Sealed Bearing Pony or Display Cart Wheel With Rubber Wheel

Product Specifications

  • Sizes Available: To accommodate various needs and preferences, these wheels are available in multiple sizes. Choose the size that best fits your cart or display requirements.
    • 36"
    • 32"
    • 28"
    • 24"
    • 20"
  • Wheels include 3/4 inch sealed bearings
  • Hub overall width is 5.25 inches
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