Shamrock Duo Wooden Garden and Yard Stakes

Shamrock Duo Garden Stake shown near a tree
Colors Available for Shamrock Duo Garden Stakes.
2 shades of Green Shamrock Duo Garden Stakes
Available colors for Shamrock Duo Garden Stakes from Harvest Array.

Shamrock Duo Wooden Garden and Yard Stakes

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Show your Irish Pride with these Shamrock Duo Wooden Garden and Yard Stakes. Get your Saint Patrick's Day decorations on order at Harvest Array.

Decorate your outdoor garden with these cute, weather resistant, handmade crafts if you need a little luck o' the Irish.

Customize your wooden yard stakes.

  • First, choose the color of each shamrock:
    • The large and small shamrocks can be the same color or two different colors. 
    • Your first color choice is for the larger of the two shamrocks.
    • Your second color choice is for the smaller one.
  • Next, choose the type of finish you would like:
    • Matte Finish
    • Total Shimmer- the whole piece will have the shimmer finish.


Classic Green and Moss Shamrock Duo Garden Stake at Harvest Array

Features of these handmade Shamrock Duo Garden and Plant Stakes

  • Decorative Garden Stake Size and Use
      • Size: 12" High, 18" square stake.
      • Great outside in your garden, around a tree, in amongst your bushes, and more
        • Be creative with a whole display of sizes and colors of our weather resistant Shamrock Duo Garden Stakes

      • Made to order: Hand cut and hand painted wood; therefore, color and wood condition may differ from examples pictured. Slight imperfections are Normal as well as Expected!

      • Made of weather treated wood, including the stake.

      • These wooden garden stakes are designed, fabricated, and shipped from Livonia, Michigan, so may take 1-2 weeks to ship.

      When you purchase one of our Shamrock Duo Wooden Garden Stakes or any other products from Harvest Array and need to ask a question, please call us at (814) 396-2151 as we are always here to help you. When you are ready to order, just Add to Cart the items you want.

      The Found Penny Studio is a small business that is: 

      "Committed to creating stupendously fun designs!"

      With a passion for celebrating every day, we’re thrilled to bring our design inspiration to your favorite moments. Our team is committed to creating marvelously fun products - every creation is designed and fabricated at our studio in Livonia, Michigan.

      Did you know? "The first U.S. St. Patrick’s Day parade was celebrated in Boston in the 1760s, according to Samantha Bradbeer, historian and archivist for Hallmark." Today, the largest St. Patrick's Day Parade in the United States is in New York City.

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