Parlor FootBall Vintage Tin Game

Parlor Foot-Ball Vintage Game in a travel Tin. Made in the USA.
Parlor Foot-Ball Vintage Tin Game is made in America by Channel Craft. This pocket size game is great for travel, school recess, and more.

Parlor FootBall Vintage Tin Game

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The faithful recreations of Victorian table top games in travel size tins

Have the kids take a break from video game football and learn an old school football game they can play anywhere, even when the power is out, or their batteries run out. Comes complete with player pegs, dice, football field platform, chip, scoring pencil, instructions, and history.

How to Play Parlor Football

Each play is determined by rolling two standard dice. An enclosed chart illustrates the outcomes of the two die and the corresponding result. Possible results are touchdowns, gains, sacks, incompletes, interceptions, fumbles, and penalties.

When the results require the player to flip a special wooden chip called a Yardae Chip, which has a "5" on one side and a "10" on the other, then this determines yards gained or lost. Win by being the first to score four touchdowns.

Score is kept using the pencil that is included. Play is tracked on the wooden board using pegs to mark the ball and the first down mark on the field, and the current down and number of yards go down below. 

The Nostalgic Game of yesteryear comes in a Tin box and is Made in America. Let your kids and grandkids experience this wholesome game your ancestors may have played when it was first invented in 1890.  

This pocket size Parlor Foot-Ball Vintage Tin Game is an ideal gift for any football fanatic that has everything. Great to take on vacation, to grandma's house, for school recess, and to give as gifts. 

Parlor Foot-Ball Vintage Tin Game

 This Vintage Game Tin includes

  • Player Pegs
  • Dice
  • Football Field Platform
  • Yardae Chip
  • Scoring Pencil
  • Instructions & History

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